Granby Library Scary Story Contest winners |

Granby Library Scary Story Contest winners

Elementary Scary Story Winners (12 stories)

Kindergarten 1st Place= Cori Bogert

“Little Sally Zombie”

There once was a little girl named Sally. Then little Sally said to her mom “oh mommy there’s a vampire!” Then the vampire sucked her blood. Then the vampire ate her brain. Then a zombie came and it was little Sally. She decided to turn other people into Zombies. She had to suck their blood and eat their brains to turn them into zombies.

The little zombie girl names little Sally haunts houses and screams a lot to scare people. Poor little Sally didn’t like her new zombie friends so she felt very lonely and most of all she missed her mommy. She decides to go and live in her mommy’s closet to be close to her.

The End.

First Grade 1st Place= Annika Stuart

“Horse Vampires”

Once upon a time there were 500 horses in the barn. All of them were horse vampires, and all of their names were Annika. There was one mommy horse named Jenn. There was one daddy horse named Brian. All the horses went out to find some blood. All the horses went in a boy line and a girl line to one house.

All the people in that house thought they were plain horses. They opened the door to give them carrots, and the horses attacked them to suck their blood.

The Horse vampires spent all night going to houses sucking people’s blood. When they got back to the barn, every horse spits the blood they swallowed into a bow, and they make blood soup. All 500-horse vampires eat the soup together.

Watch out on Halloween, as there may be a horse vampire trick-or-treating in Granby.

The End.

First Grade 2nd Place= Luke Vecchiarelli


We are going trick or treating at haoss. Thir was no candy there. We went to the next Haos there was no candy there either. Wer wall the candy. All of the sudden we san three candy rappers on the graond an three more in a tree then was the most scarry thing of all licorice hanging rite there in the air. Rite behind us we hearg “wooooooooo” above us we heard a spooky whistle. What could it be? We were going home. As we were running home a cold wind passed us. When we got home then a ghost did something in chocolate. Who jumped oot and yeld Boo.

The End

First Grade 3rd Place= Caden Hanson

“Spooktacular day”

Today was a spooktacular day. Why? It was Halloween now. I was at my house and it was the 31st. My mom was at the grocery store to get stuff for tonight’s party, I guess. Well I went outside at 2 o’clock and packed my backpack and went to the museum at 4 o’clock. I went inside the museum. The door shut. I was scared. I tried to open it. It was locked. I saw red eyes. It was a zombie! The zombie disappeared. I ran to the back door. I was guarded everywhere my witches and ghosts. I found a read sword, and I charged at them. I made it out. Let’s go home. Uuuuhhh! It is a Thanksgiving problem. I will solve that later. The End.

Second Grade 1st Place= Serena Stuart

“The Halloween Hound”

The Halloween Hound was at my birthday party. I was in the kitchen playing a game when I saw him. He told me to come in the bedroom that had no lights on. I did not want to go in the dark bedroom. He wanted to suck my blood, so I grabbed the coffee maker, and I hit him in the head with it.

He did not get knocked out. He got mad. He then went after my sister, Annika. He carried her in the dark bedroom to suck her blood. I broke down the door, and I ran and jumped and kicked him in the face. Annika got away and ran out of the room. I cut his head off with my Mom and Dad’s rusty saw.

The Halloween Hound died, and I went back to my birthday party. Part of my party was camping, so we left. We went camping in Hot Sulphur Springs. We were telling scary stories in the tent when there was a sudden squeaking sound. The tent started unzipping…my Dad poked his head in the tent and asked if any of us wanted some Hot Chocolate and S’Mores.

The End.

Third Grade 1st Place= Mia Stuart

“The American Girl Dolls’ Haunted Halloween”

Once upon a time, the American Girl dolls were having a Halloween party at their house. The Evil Pumpkin came along. He said, “You better give me all your money.”

They said, “No. You were not invited to our Halloween party.”

They ran, and he did not catch them. He left a pair of pants (that could walk on their own) in their bedroom. He was hoping that these pants would get the American Girl dolls. The girls saw these strange jeans, so they called the cops.

The pants went in the closet when the dolls called the cops, and the dolls did not know it. The cops came, and they couldn’t find the pair of pants. Once the cops left, the pants reappeared.

The American Girls dolls saw the pants, and they got scared. They called the cops again.

Again, the cops drover over to the American Girl dolls’ house. Again, the pants hid in the closet. Again, the cops couldn’t find the pants. The cops were mad, and they said they are not going to come back to the dolls’ house again tonight.

(“The American Girl Dolls’ Haunted Halloween” continued…)

The pants heard that, so they were going to make the dolls scared when the cops left. The dolls were eating Halloween cookies when the pants jumped out in front of them in the kitchen.

They wanted to call the cops, but they knew the cops wouldn’t come. So they hid instead. They hid in the closet.

The Evil Pumpkin reappeared. The dolls heard the Evil Pumpkin outside the closet door. They could see the fire in its eyes through the slits in the door. The Evil Pumpkin quickly opened the closet door. The dolls could now see the house was on fire.

The dolls called 9-1-1, and they ran to their “meeting place”. The firefighters came and put the fire out. The dolls went to friend’s house where they would be safe until the Evil Pumpkin finds them again ….

Third Grade 2nd Place= Jonathan Siefken

“The Attic”

One night Steve heard a noise from the attic. So he went to see what it was. But it was just the wind making the noise. So Steve went back to bed. Steve heard another noise it was a creaking noise from the attic again. So Steve went back up to the attic. Steve saw this ghost/shade think it looked up with it’s neon red eyes and snarled at Steve. Steve also heard a poping sound it was a marionette puppet with neon red eyes. Steve was terrified so he grabed a broom and try whipping the black shade but Steve keep on missing. Finally Steve hit the shade. The shade was mad and shade snarled again. So the shade grabed the broom out of Steve’s hands and squeezed the broom and it tuned into dust and the shade touched Steve and turned to dust…

The End

Third Grade 3rd Place= Canyon Jarbo

“The Basement”

One day a family of two moved to an 100 year old house. There was a mom and a little girl named Amanda. She was xx years old. When Amanda was going to the bassment to see it. She herd a noise “you don’t need to be here.” So she ran upstairs and told her mom, but her mom didn’t believe her.

The next day she went back downstairs and she herd “get out”! So she ran and told her mom and she said “Amanda ghosts aren’t real”! Yes there are I herd them!

The next day when Amanda was at school her mom went down to the bassment she her “You should of believed her”. So she ran upstairs to pick up Amanda. She told Amanda and that she was sorry about yelling at her.

That night Amanda herd werd noises and went downstairs to see what was happening and her mom was scratched up and Amanda screemed and called the ambelence, but her mom was ok. She was just a little hurt, but who knose what will happen next.

The End.

Fourth Grade 1st Place= Jayden Bergren

“Quest for 67 Black Cats”

Amanda Smith was vary excited about Halloween because she aready had a magical fairy princess gown that glittered but that is not all she had to look forward to ask her parents if she and her 13 year old brother could go trick-or-treating by themslfs because now that Amanda was 10 years old she wanted to go to the palace what people called the hunted castle. “Now Amanda” called Mrs. Baker her teacher” are you listning” “Yes Mrs.” Amanda said. Amanda hated Mrs. Baker it was a long bad day she Amanda got an F- on her spelling test and another F- on her math test lunch was the best time of the bad day she was having. “Hi Amanda” said Alice “having another bad day?” Amanda noded. “I am to” said Alice “any way what are you going to be for Alloween?” She asked Amanda said “A magical fairy princess with a glittery gown” replyed Amanda, “wow” replied Alice. Give weeks later Amanda came home from school with a smilie on her face “it’s it’s” she stammered “Halloween” she burst out “yes dear” said Amanda’s mother. Then Amanda remembered to ask her mother that she wanted to go by herself “mother can we go trick-or-treating by ourselves” asked Amanda, her mother thought for a second “yes” said her mother “but you have to go with your brother Jake” she said. Even though Amanda scowled inside she thought “yes, yes, yes, yes!” –

(“Quest for 67 Black Cats” continued….)

Amanda got into her costume in five seconds flat and called Jake’s name “Jake, Jake” called Amanda “Boo!” called Jake from behind her Amanda noticed and turned around to see a (Jake Zombie) “how do you like my gown?” asked Amanda “it is bad and that’s the truth” said Jake. Amanda scowled but the two of them grabed their empty sacks and took of toward Snake Street. They took over all most all the candy in the neighborhood. With bags full they headed to the haunted castle they opened the door and went inside it was empty with cobwebs on the siling and dust on the floor then a voice called “who is there!?”

Amanda had no time to answer befor the lights turned off when they turned on again Jake was running home. “oh the big baby” said Amanda she stepped even farther in the house then a door opened to the Grave grave yard Amanda stepped out of the house to hear the sound of the door slam shut. Amanda saw a cat walking on the grass befor Amanda could speak the cat said “help me help me get my sisters back” Amanda jumped back “you, you” she stammered ” you talked” “Yes” said the cat “Yes indeed I did” Amanda saw that the cat was harmless so she stroked the cat’s fur “stop!” Amanda stoped the cat said “help me get my sisters back” “Ok, ok” said Amanda the cat told Amanda that her sisters were turned into grave stones by the blue spirit the blue spirit wiped out all of my sixdy-seven sisters by the bluey mist it was oh so sad. Then Amanda noticed “you are my cat” “yes” said the black cat “but first I have to tell you about how my sisters were killed” the cat said. “first my sisters made a bargin with the blue spirit but the blue spirit never returned the favor so they went and asked for the favor so much that the blue spirit got mad and sent the blue mist to kill my sisters but he saw me so he kept me but I bit him so he trew me in the grave yard with my grave stone sisters. That’s nice how do we save them asked Amanda. The cat flicked her tail and they were in England. The cat told Amanda that she had to rescue all of her sisters. Then Amanda spoted her sisters in barrels. Amanda raced to rescue the cats then she bumped into a lady with a basket of apples “Sorry” said Amanda. Amanda went and tripped some kids playing in the street trying to pick ap the apples “sorry!” She called back as she followed the last apple up some stairs of the England castle when she caught the apple she was on top of the castle balcony “help!” cried prince William “hold on” said Amanda as she lifted him off the railing. “You saved my life” said prince William. Amanda blushed. William promised Amanda she could have anything she wanted so Amanda said “I wil have the cats in those barles” so William gave Amanda the cats. And Amanda went to the cat the cat flicked her tail and they were in the grave-yard again” “Thank you” said the cat “you have saved my sisters by breaking thespell with kindness” “Wow” said Amanda. Amanda started to head home after that she would never forget how she saved the sixdy-seven black cats with a power of kindness. (The End)

Fourth Grade 2nd Place= Sarah Lynn Hough

“Are you Mean?”

It was Thursday afternoon when I got home from the bus stop cause my neighbors dog was chasing me again. When I got home my grandma was knitting a blue sweater. “Love you” she said in a old wrinkily voise. “I had a wonderful day at school!” I said. “Were you good.” She asked. “yes” I said, “Always be good” she said. I got started on my home work. The word that Grandma said kept comeing in my head. Always be good. Always be good. Always be good. I couldn’t take it. The next day I went to school. It was a sunny, bright day. When I went up to a kindergardener and stole his lunch. He creid and cried. I didn’t care, I ran inside to put it in my backpack. When I went back outside there was nobody there. It was like a graveyard or even a ghost town. I ran inside, still nobody at all! “could school be over?” I asked myself. I looked at the time, it was 8:20. “It can’t be over!” I walked home. The whole way there was nobody. I saw a spooky abandon house. I walked inside SLAM! The door shut all by itself. At least that’s what I thought. Suddenly a ghost came running after me, then dissapeard! I was so scared . So I ran out there as fast as I could. When I got home, still nobody! Then I finally figured it out! I was in the Twilight zone. Then I finally saw a old man walk up the street. For some strange reason, I could see fur on hom! He magicly turned into a werewolf! He ran after me until I was all the way at my grandma’s house. (5.2 mph). I ran inside the old house, and slammed the door in his face. Then a creepy zombie was right in front of me! I jumped out the window and got eye contact with the werewolf and then the zombie. I took a run for it and came in counter with a vampire! I was fooled at first, but then he smiled and I ran and ran and ran. A twig stopped me in my path and I tripped. The werewolf was about to rip me to shreds, but then some thing happened …. I woke up! It was all a big nighmare! “I’m alive!” I said with excitement. I was happy for the rest of the day. For some strang reason the boys lunch was still in my backpack..So, are you mean?

Fourth Grade 3rd Place= Chris Rosas

“History on the Fraser River”

Back in 1842 there was a little girl named Beth-Anne. She was very pretty and always wore a white dress. Every summer she would go down to the fraser river to wash out her beautiful brown hair. One cold October morning she went down to wash her hair as usual, when she slipped on some mossy, wet rocks. She fell and hit her head on some sharp rocks and rolled into the river. Her aunt went out to check on her but all she was saw some red in the water. They say that to this day if your walking near the fraser river you can see some red in the fraser river. You might bump into the little girl. But be careful, her aunt is still looking for her and if she catch is you near the little girl she’ll throw you in the river. So beware of the little girl. You never know when you can bump into the little girl. They also say that when you go near the river you can hear her voice say “help me”. So beware of her. So ever since she fell people have been trying to find her, but ever since she fell nobody ever saw her again. Also ever since she fell nobody ever went to the Fraser River.

Fifth Grade 1st Place= Lawneattra Norman

“A Frightful Night at the Nursing Home”

One dark Halloween night, three kids went trick or treating together. One was named Jack, another was named Zach, and a girl named Leah. They were skipping proudly and happily with their bags full of candy. Then suddenly, an orange cat ran across the street right before their eyes. They started to run after the cat. Then all of a sudden, the cat rant into the old nursing home in Fraser Colorado.

“Let’s go get the kitty!” screamed Leah. Then Leah started to run towards the nursing home, but Zach stopped her and said, “No Leah, Don’t go in there!” “Why not?” asked Leah. “haven’t you heard the story about the Fraser Nursing Home?” Jack asked. “Yeah, haven’t you?” said Zach?

“The story goes like this…” Jack said in a scary voice. “In 1871, the police came to the Fraser Nursing Home. They rang the doorbell three times. Then a small man in a wheelchair came to the door. His name was Edgar. “Can I help you officers?” said Edgar in a nervous voice. The first officer said “Find another home!” “Why?” asked Edgar in a sad tone. The police pulled out a sheet showing that the nursing home taxes hadn’t been paid in five years. The police officers came inside and took all of Edgar’s friends including his wife! Edgar swore that if another person came to his door, they would perish…”

(“A Frightful Night at the Nursing Home” continued…)

“It can’t be true, it just can’t!” said Leah in a nervous tone. Then she started to run in her little Tinker Bell dress toward the nursing home. “Stop!” said Zach as he ran towards her in his Spider Man suit. But Leah kept running. Then Jack starting running towards them in his Bubble Bee suit shouting “Stop, Stop!”

In a heartbeat, Leah was at the nursing home door saying “neener, neener, neener!” Zach and Jack said at the same time, “No, Stop!” Leah started to laugh. She range the doorbell once and nothing happened. She rang the doorbell once again and nothing occurred. She rang the doorbell one last time and it was silent. She started to laugh. “Ha, ha, ha in your face Jack!”

Then Jack started to frown. Suddenly Leah heard a creepy noise. Creek, creek, creek! The door cracked open. Then Zach saw a pair of blood red eyes peeking through the crack saying “I will kill you!” Leah screamed as loud as she could. But there was no hope. No one could hear her. The Edgar said, “Scram kids, before I boil you in my pot of souls!”

The little kids said that they were sorry to hear about his wife. Edgar was surprised that they knew what had happened to his wife. He came out with a bowl of candy on his lap and said “Thank you for carin.” Here you go kids and have a happy Halloween!”

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