Granby library scary story contest winners |

Granby library scary story contest winners

The Zombies

ByRylee Bogert

1st Grade

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Rosa. Rose went in a haunted house with lots of ghosts. Then she walked in and saw a ghost. Then the ghost grabbed her and the ghost took her to a mad scientist who was the ghost’s friend. Then the ghost gave Rosa to the mad scientist. Then the mad scientist put Rosa in the stew pot. The mad scientist got his potion and told Rosa to drink some water, but he was lying because it wasn’t water it was his bad potion.

Rosa drank the potion and then she felt funny. The ghost got his tubes and the mad scientist put the tubes in her chest and they sucked out all her blood. Then Rosa had a really bad dream about bats and ghosts and when she opened her eyes she became a zombie.

The ghost was afraid of zombies so he stayed out of her way. The mad scientist let the zombie drink more of the bad potion to stay alive so that he could control her with a remote. Then the zombie scared everyone because the mad scientist let her out to scare the town.

The mad scientist was turning everyone into zombies. Then the town became zombie world. Then all the zombies gathered together and walked to new places with the ghost and the mad scientist and started turning everyone into zombies. Then all the zombies climbed up a mountain at night to get their powers from the stars. The stars got their power from the moon. Then the earth turned green. The Rosa woke up and realized it was all a dream

The Monster’s

by Koby Atkinson

2nd Grade

Once there was a kid named Jack. He had the power to run super fast, but one day Jack ran too fast. He lost control on one turn. He slid down the hill and there in front of Jack was the biggest, scariest monster in the world. He tried to back away but then the monster smelled Jack. The monster was a meat eater! Jack turned away and started to run, but even though he was the fastest runner, the monster was faster. It caught him. Jack started to kick and push, but the monster had the power of a spider so he rolled him up and took him back to his lair. Ten times worse, the monster had very hungry children who had just hatched. But luckily they couldn’t walk yet. It would take 24 hours before they could walk. The monster heard Jack thinking, because he could hear thoughts. He started to eat him, but then Jack found the power of super strength. He kicked the monster in the jaw, making him back away. Then Jack punched him in the face which made him fly in the air and do a back flip. Then the monster landed on a super sharp rock, which destroyed him and his children, turning them into dust. But it wasn’t over yet.

Jack ran home. He saw his Dad and Mom, but then it started to rain. It started to lightning and he saw their real faces. They had been wearing masks. They were really the most dangerous reptiles in the whole universe. They could shoot poison out of their mouths, but when they shot it at Jack, he made a force field. Jack said “how did I do that?” They slithered closer and shot out their spikes from their spines. All of a sudden Jack found their babies, they had just hatched. But this time they could already slither. He punched all the babies and they died, but the parents were still alive. He punched them as hard as he could but unfortunately that didn’t work. He ran around in circle as fast as he could to confuse them but that didn’t work. They caught him, and shot spikes at him, they got him! But he did not die. He grabbed his real parents shot gun and shot the reptiles. They died.

Jack ran to a different house and found his real parents trick or treating. They all went home together. But the reptile skins were still there, they hadn’t turned to dust. To Jacks horror his parents crawled into the reptile skins and said “Join us or we shall dine on your flesh.” He didn’t join them so they ate him!

The End.

The Ghostly Journey

By Chase Dornbusch

3rd Grade

Once there was this ghost that lived in this house. That house was haunted over one thousand years. So one day this girl that was about seven years old was trick-or-treating. She had never heard about the haunted house. She went past a house to go to another house, and saw the haunted house. She wanted to go over there.

So she walked over there and knocked on the door “knock knock knock” then the door slightly opened. She opened it some more, then walked in. She walked in some more and looked around. She saw all these normal stuff like cob webs and broken things.

Then she saw a T.V. She sat down on the chair, than clicked the T.V. on. Than all a sudden she felt something grab her from the T.V. Then she was in a closet. She opened it, the dropped. She landed with a kerplunk. Then standed up, wiped of the dirt of her clothes, and started walking again. She heard a creak, then started running. She heard a whisper, then ran faster. Then heard a stomping sound, she ran as fast as she could and screamed ‘Aaaaaaa”! Then fell to the ground, and thought she was in water. But she was not in water, it was nothing she was just floating. She was really scared. She got out of the floating place, then started walking again. Then she was grabbed to the ground and had her mouth covered with duck tape and her eyes covered with a rag. At her house where her mom was waiting for her, she was watching T.V. She got worried about her daughter and called the police to find her. The police checked every house, but they did not find her. They did not check the haunted house, so they went over there. They smashed the door open, went to the basement, and saw her green with one arm. When the police went closer and fell to the ground because the ghost threw a very big bolder at them. NO ONE SAW THEM AGAIN.

How I got There?

By Taylor Strandberg

4th Grade

Boom! One dark and very stormy day a girl maned Lily was in art and was panting a board for the library. On the board was work that said (HALLOWEEN.) Then the teacher Mrs. Larson went to the office to copy a homework assignment for my class.

All of a sudden I was screaming and pulled down a whirling hole of wind and the wind on my face was as if my whole face getting sucked off.

I tried to grab onto the floor to stay in the classroom but I just couldn’t hold on because the wind was to strong. When the teacher came back she noticed there was on empty seat and then asked why there was a seat that nobody sat at. The class said Lily was pulled down a hole.

Then there Lily was in a very spooky world and she didn’t know how to get out. The spooky world was as scary as a group of dead people. When Lily was there she capped hearing “go away go away.”

Then Lily took a step forward and she was in a trap. Lily started to scream and said “Help, Help!!” But all the help she got was she got a knife in her back. Red disgusting blood was dripping down her back. She never thought that anything like that would ever happen.

Lily never ever forgot that very stormy day of her life!!!!

“When the Full Moon Comes Out”

By Paige Miller

5th Grade

Last night I watched a terrifying movie called “When the full moon comes out” It’s about a graveyard, thousands of years old, with dark hooded spirits, The hooded spirits crawled out of their grave and scatter into a town called Barkley. Then the dark spirits forced themselves into people’s or thing’s bodies. They caused the people to do things they shouldn’t do. It was as if they were slaves. The lively grave would only come to life when the full moon is lurking about. “I knew it was a fiction movie, well a scary fiction movie,” I thought as I felt a chill of goose bumps creep over me.

That night was a full moon so I was a little scared. Snug in my bed, I prayed for nothing to happen. I stayed awake as long as I could but my eyelids grew heavy. “It was just a movie,” I convinced myself. Then I fell asleep. Something woke me up so I went exploring to see what it was. I found my dog Millie barking at something I couldn’t see. Then she froze in her tracks and let her fur arched up madly. Suddenly, Millie let out an ear-piercing howl. I covered my ears and jumped back in shock. I never heard Millie howl like that. She stopped howling and turned around. I saw that her eyes were glowing a bright shimmery green.

I screamed and ran to my parent’s room. Millie ran after me snarling and snapping as if she ad rabies. As I turned a corner to my parent’s room, I skidded to a stop. My parent’s had bright shimmery green eyes. My dad laughed and evil laugh “You are going to die tonight,” he said. I froze in fear as they moved closer to me. I finally had enough courage to move, so I spun around and sprinted to the door. Millie was already there snarling at me.

I was trapped in a corner with no protection. I heard my dad speak a language that I couldn’t understand. He was talking to Millie. She nodded and looked at men. Then out of nowhere she started drooling something green. As it dribbled to the floor it transformed into a snake. “Kill her,” said my mom with a laugh. The snake slithered toward me and crawled up my arm. I tried to scream but my body was petrified. My eyes darted to my parents as they collapsed to the floor. A dark hooded figure arose from their bodies. By then snake was up to my throat. It started to strangle me. Through squinted eyes, I looked at my dead parents and then to my dog. The last thing I heard was an evil laugh and an ear-piercing howl.

Then suddenly…..Beep! Beep! Beep! I jerked awake in my bed with Millie by my side. “It was just a dream,” I thought. Now I know what happens “When the full moon comes out.”

The Scary Story

By Chelsie Bryant

6th Grade

It was a dark rainy night and Chelsie had to walk home alone. Then she saw a pack of ghost dogs. When she looked back they were gone. The weird thing is that she was planning to have a spooky Halloween party the next night. The people she invited were Mikela, Sydney, Faith, and Nolan. Chelsie invited other people but they said they might not make it.

An hour before the party Chelsie started to hang up the decorations and the cob web. Then her sister Samantha walked in. She stepped in all of the puddles of fake blood.

“Hi Chelsie,” Samantha said nicely.

“Samantha! Why did you step in all of the puddles of fake blood?” Chelsie yelled.

“I didn’t mean to. I thought I was supposed to,” Samantha said.

“No, you were supposed to stay in your room and watch TV like a good girl,” Chelsie said.

“Oh,” Samantha said. “I must have forgotten. Sorry.”

Then people started arriving. First Sydney, then Mikela, Faith, and Nolan showed up. And surprisingly Ashley and Taylor showed up. And surprisingly Ashley and Taylor showed up.

The party had started and Chelsie suggested that they should play her new Wii. That’s when things started to go wrong.

They wanted to go exploring in the basement instead. The basement was a very creepy place. When they got down there they tried to turn on the lights but they wouldn’t come on. Then the door closed by itself. The group couldn’t open it. They were trapped and scared now.

Then they heard screaming. It had come from the left side of the basement. They walked towards it and then Faith stepped on something. As their eyes adjusted to a strange eerie new light they saw what Faith stepped on. It was a skeleton. The group found that they were skeletons stuck to the walls and scattered on the floor.

“We must have walked through your wall and ended up in a weird place.” Mikela said calmly.

“Yeah. I thought we walked a little too far.” Chelsie answered.

The group started walking around when they heard something crack. But it was just Ashley stepping on another bone. Then they heard something else. It was a creepy groom. The next thing they knew they were being chased by Bloody Mary and her pack of wild dogs. It was like going through a maze of obstacles with a lunatic chasing you. They finally made it through but Bloody Mary was still chasing them.

Blood Mary had them cornered when she burst out laughing. She took off her mask and it happened to be a guy. It was Dalton. He was always trying to scare the group. He pulled up his sleeve and pushed a button on a box like thing and the lights came back on.

Then next day at school everyone who was at the party told the rest of the class about the party and the joke.

The End

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