Granby may be home to recycling bins under cooperative effort |

Granby may be home to recycling bins under cooperative effort

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News

Aware that the gated Grand County Landfill is off the beaten path enough to discourage unenthusiastic recyclers, county and town officials are looking into relocating bins.

Towns and the county are pairing up with the East Grand School District to provide a new recycling facility on school property in Granby.

The site would be available to residents as well as the district and would be better suited for travel during winter than the landfill location.

It would also create a reminder for students about the importance of recycling, according to East Grand School Board members.

“I think it’s really a good lesson to teach all of the children,” said board member Missy Quinn at a district meeting.

The community recycling program, of which 50 percent is paid by the county and about 17 percent is paid by each of the towns of Granby, Fraser and Winter Park, would be relocated to a paved area near the district offices and the bus barn.

Commercial recycling would not be allowed at the site.

County Commissioner Nancy Stuart said the move may occur as early as this fall.

Although details are still in the works, Stuart said the negotiated recycling deal between county and towns might also apply to the new location.

At Granby’s town board meeting, Mayor Jynnifer Pierro said there would be four bins at the site for the collection of plastic, paper, cardboard and metal.

Glass would not be a part of the recycling at this time due to its reduced value.

The school district would maintain plowing at the site during weekdays, and the town would plow Friday through Sunday, Pierro said.

A Department of Local Affairs grant could be sought for walkways to the site.

“I think it’s important to bring it back into town where it will be easier to access,” Pierro said.

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