Granby mayor should let citizens decide what businesses to allow downtown |

Granby mayor should let citizens decide what businesses to allow downtown

To the Editor:

I am somewhat surprised that more letters have not been written concerning the effort by our mayor to draft a law prohibiting certain types of businesses in downtown Granby. Hopefully many residents of Granby have expressed their concerns to town hall, not the newspaper.

I, along with many, am appalled that our mayor has taken it upon himself to draft not just this law or regulation, but any law or regulation without first approaching the public with a vote. Rules and regulations (laws) that govern us as a people should be decided upon and chosen by us as a people. In America, the government is not a separate entity from the people; the people are the government.

This is a small town, and we certainly have the ability to inform the residents of the intent to add or subtract from our current rules and regulations. As a former employee in the county planning and zoning department, I know that rules and regulations are not to be changed or added without extensive public processes. I am pretty sure that Granby has the same processes to follow before changes or additions can be made.

If that is not true, I am quite certain that I would not want any of my elected leaders to draft laws, or to change rules and regulations, without the consent of the voting public.

Most are against the adoption of any laws without our consent. We have seen our state legislature pass many “safety laws” which we feel helpless against. We even had the speed limit south of town changed for no other apparent reason but to give out speeding tickets.

But we are talking about a small town here, with the ability to get an easy consensus before any new laws and regulations are to be adopted. The mayor said that some came to him with concerns about downtown businesses. How many came? How many did he go to? Who are they?

A petition has been circulated by the owners of a potentially banned business. Names are listed stating their position. I believe our mayor should list all of those supporters of his position. I would like to see how many full-time residents of Granby are on his petition. I believe it to be the height of arrogance, and un-American, for any citizen of this country to not allow other citizens the right to the pursuit of happiness by owning and operating their own business under the regulations adopted by the voting citizens of this town. Mr. Mayor, let the people decide the businesses wanted in downtown Granby.

The government of the people is supposed to be a government by the people. We, the people, are not to be separate from the government; we are the government, and in no better setting than this town should that be apparent. We should not select leaders to rule over us, but to inform and lead us in the decisions we are to make. But in the end, we, the people, are the ones to make the decisions that we must live with. There is an election coming. Are we, the people, going to participate in the future of this town, or let others determine the future for us? It is time for the citizens of Granby to take control of the future. Do not let it be determined by none other than we, the people.

God bless America, of which Granby is a part. It all starts here, people, on our own front porch.

Michael Carter


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