Granby – McPhly quartet the featured act at annual Grand Chorale show on Saturday |

Granby – McPhly quartet the featured act at annual Grand Chorale show on Saturday

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News
Grand County, CO Colorado

An internationally recognized quartet is headlining the annual Grand Chorale show on Saturday.

McPhly, made up of acappella musicians from the Denver area, placed 15th out of roughly 3,000 quartets worldwide in The Barbership Society International Competition in Anaheim, Calif., in July.

Placing first in the Rocky Mountain District was their journey’s start to a top-20 seeding.

“We’ve all known each other through various positions in the acappella community,” said lead singer Curtis Terry of singing mates Travis Tabares (bass), Ryan Wilson (baritone), and Brian Fox (tenor). The group formed in September 2008.

Riding on the coattails of their prestigious victory, the four-part harmonizers are now rehearsing to land a competition spot on an upcoming NBC show called “The Sing-Off,” featuring acappella groups vying for a recording contract.

“I like the acappella art form,” Terry said. “I’ve always been amazed at what the human voice can do.” With acappella, there is a following like any other musical genre, he said.

McPhly ( recently released its first CD called “McWhoo…?” featuring standard barbershop, to classic rock to doo wop.

Although barbershop popularity may be on the rise – especially with a possible prime-time TV show endorsing it – Terry added that oftentimes, the art form is misunderstood.

“A lot of people look at barbershop and say it’s really easy, ‘any four guys can get together and sing’; Any four guys can get together and start a band too, but that doesn’t mean they’re good and are going to be successful.”

Besides McPhly’s performance, The Grand Chorale’s overall theme of this year’s show is “From Broadway to Denver -John Denver, that is”.

The Chorale is set to sing Broadway tunes, patriotic songs and John Denver tunes arranged in barbershop style.

Audience members also will be treated to the performances of three local quartets – performances interspersed with those of the Grand Chorale. The quartets are: “Fortune,” “Phil,” and “Four on the Floor.”

Production consultants for this year’s show are Tanny and Kimberly Nanda, formerly of the Grand Theatre Company, Winter Park.

The Grand Chorale is a chorus of 22 men and an official chapter of the Barbershop Harmonic Society. They primarily sing in barbershop style of four-part harmony, but the group regularly sings ballads, spiritual music, swing and show tunes.

Each year, the Chorale and local quartets perform at public and private events for local charities, holiday shows and personal Valentine’s Day melodies. The group is directed by Jeff Shaw, with members: Marv Aiken, Ed Bittle, Marion Bricker, Don Campbell, Harry Canon, Jim Clair, Al Clark, Jim Feucht, Tom Giblin, Jim Griffiths, Don Hunt, Dave Kafer, Kim Long, Dave Maddox, Rich Miller, Tom Newton, Barton Phillips, Roger Shaw, Win Watkins and Bob Westlake.

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