Granby " Middle Park High School opening postponed until Sept. 8 |

Granby " Middle Park High School opening postponed until Sept. 8


Middle Park High schoolers will have an extra week of summer vacation.

The East Grand School District Board of Education and administrators toured the high school construction site Tuesday and decided there was too much work to be done to get the building ready for the scheduled Tuesday, Sept.2, school opening.

Middle Park High School is now scheduled to open for the school year on Monday, Sept. 8, instead.

“Even though we will get the building on time, the staff would have such a task before them with that three-day weekend (to) be ready to start school on Tuesday,” said Superintendent Nancy Karas. “I think we’re asking too much of our staff.”

Neenan, the general contractor, is expected to hand the high school building over to the district for “temporary occupancy” by Aug. 28, Karas said.

The high school is the only East Grand school planned to open later than originally scheduled. However, Karas said high school staff will start on their contracted start date, and band members and athletics will also continue to practice.

“The teachers’ contracts won’t change,” Karas said, adding that they will stay busy setting up their classrooms, working on lesson plans or meeting new principal Jane Harmon to go over goals.

“It could actually be a pretty beneficial time for Jane and her staff,” Karas said.

The late start date will reduce the district’s contract school year by three days, so the Board of Education voted for the school to have 143 contact days for the 2008-2009 school year Tuesday.

“I think you want the best start possible,” Harmon said. “I guarantee they’ll hit the ground running on Monday, (Sept. 8.)”

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