Granby office vendor pitches ‘buy local’ policy to county |

Granby office vendor pitches ‘buy local’ policy to county

The owner of Kopy Kat office supplies wants the county to ditto his efforts in buying local first.

According to minutes from the county commissioners’ meeting on April 1, Peter Kerswell from Kopy Kat appeared before the board to ask county offices to buy supplies in-county.

Commissioners explained they had made it clear that all departments need to purchase locally, but they cannot tell each department how to spend its budget.

There “is a local apathy to using local businesses,” Kerswell said. Kerswell put forward the idea that the commissioners adopt a policy of the county requiring local purchases under a specific dollar amount, purchasing equally among local vendors. Commissioner James Newberrry said the board should have a discussion on whether or not to make such a policy.

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