Granby pilot wins grant to study female aviation |

Granby pilot wins grant to study female aviation

Granby pilot Penny Hamilton has been awarded a Wolf Aviation Fund research grant to partially fund national research to conduct in-depth interviews with female general aviation students and pilots regarding their flight training experiences.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, only 6 percent of almost 700,000 active pilots in the United States are women.

Why? “That is the big question,” said Hamilton. “This research project is looking at what barriers do women experience and how might their success rate be improved.”

Visit the web site related to the research,

Penny Hamilton is an award-winning aviation education researcher with earned academic degrees from the University of Nebraska, Columbia College and Temple University. She earned her private pilot license almost 20 years ago. She is a founding board member and current volunteer secretary of the Friends of the Granby Airport and the Airport Support Network Volunteer for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

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