Granby plans for parcel annexation |

Granby plans for parcel annexation

The Town of Granby will soon grow by 10.91-acres.

The expansion in Town boundaries will result from the annexation of a parcel of undeveloped land located west of US Highway 40 between Ten Mile Drive and the Saddle Ridge Circle subdivision in the area of Ten Mile Creek. The parcel to be annexed by the Town is one of three contiguous parcels owned by Ten Mile Creek LLC. The other two parcels owed by Ten Mile Creek LLC lie directly east and west of the parcel that will be annexed and are already within existing Town boundaries.

The annexation of the parcel by Granby government follows from a request made by Ten Mile Creek LLC. owner Erik Swanson to annex the enclave into Granby. There are no residences on the parcel, which is listed as Ag Land in the Grand County Assessors Office land information database.

Granby Town Attorney Scott Krob pointed out the normal annexation processes requires the filing of a petition and additional steps. However, because the enclave is completely surrounded by properties within formal Town boundaries and because it has been a completed surrounded enclave for more than three-years the Town can annex the parcel through an ordinance.

The discussion about the future annexation occurred during the Granby Board of Trustees Regular Meeting on Tuesday March 8. At that time Town Attorney Krob pointed out to the Board of Trustees there are around 10 additional enclaves located within the formal boundaries of Granby proper that are still technically not a part of the Town and could be considered for annexation.

As the Board was wrapping up their discussion of the annexation Granby Town Trustee Greg Mordini asked Attorney Krob,” is there any reason we wouldn’t want to annex it (the Ten Mile Creek parcel)?”

“Not that I can think of,” Krob replied.

The Board agreed to move forward with the annexation but the formal vote on the ordinance is not expected until later this year or early next year.

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