Granby Police escort bear out of town |

Granby Police escort bear out of town

Residents of Granby should keep their garbage cans locked up tight and out of reach because there have been a few bear sightings in town as of late.

The most recent incident occurred Tuesday evening at about 9:30 p.m. Granby Chief of Police Bill Housley explained the bear was in the area of west Topaz near the Granby Elementary School. According to county dispatcher call logs, the bear was also in Polhamus Park.

Chief Housley said this was not the first incident this fall of a bear seeking food in town garbage cans.

“It is not uncommon to get bear sightings this time of year. Bears are in their pre-hibernation phase and are trying to find as much food as they can,” he said. “We are trying to encourage people to make sure their garbage cans are sealed or out of reach of bears.”

The bear was moved out of town by one of Granby’s police officer.

“The officer escorted him out of town with the squad car,” said Housley.

If the bear continues to enter the Granby area and becomes a danger or nuisance, the Granby Police Department policy is to coordinate with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife for a resolution.

Bears can be captured, tagged and relocated as well as euthanized as possible solutions, so remember to keep your garbage cans locked away.

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