Granby prepares new cautionary street signage |

Granby prepares new cautionary street signage

Keep your eyes peeled when driving near the Granby Elementary School (GES).

The Town of Granby is preparing new signage for installation at the intersection of West Topaz Avenue and Mesa Street in Granby, on the northeastern corner of GES. The new signage developed out of discussions between Town Trustees and the Granby Police Department regarding concerns about traffic at the high traffic intersection near the GES.

West Topaz Avenue is the road that runs east to west on the north side of GES and provides access to the schools front doors for community members and parents dropping youngsters off at school. Mesa Street is a north-south road that rests along the east side of GES.

Mesa Street is a through street that has no stop sign, unlike Topaz Ave., which has a stop sign halting traffic at the intersection of Topaz and Mesa. Traffic conflicts are occasionally an issue at the intersection because many drivers assume Mesa has a stop sign, like Topaz, and is not a through street. The new signage will serve as a reminder to drivers traversing the road exchange that traffic on Mesa Street does not stop.

Town officials are still working out the exact wording of the signage but it will be similar to signs at the top at the top of 1st Street, at the corner of 1st Street and East Diamond Avenue informing drivers uphill traffic does not stop.

Additionally officials from the Town of Granby released an official statement to, “East Grand Middle School Parents” on Monday Nov. 14.

“There have been a few vehicle related ‘close calls’ with pedestrians and neighborhood traffic along Diamond Court; as a result of increased traffic during school hours and student drop off/pick up times,” reads the statement.

The release goes on to explain the safety concerns have prompted Town officials to install new, “No thru traffic” signs on Diamond Court. “The town asks that parents please observe the new signage when dropping off and picking up children to and from school and during school hours,” states the release.

Questions about the new signage can be directed to the Town of Granby 970-887-2501.

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