Granby Ranch, Kremmling Hospital District examine land option for medical center |

Granby Ranch, Kremmling Hospital District examine land option for medical center

Eric Murray / Kremmling Memorial Hospital
Kremmling, Colorado

Representatives from Kremmling Memorial Hospital District (KMHD) and Granby Ranch, have signed an agreement, known as a memorandum of understanding (MOU), to pursue the terms and conditions necessary for Granby Ranch to donate and KMHD to accept a 10-acre portion of property on which to build the proposed medical campus to be called Middle Park Medical Center.

The land under consideration is located along the east side of US Highway 40, within Granby Ranch. It is near land that Granby Ranch donated to the Town of Granby for a future recreation center.

“We appreciate the considerate efforts being made by Granby Ranch to work with us and look at ways that might allow them to donate this land to build the Middle Park Medical Center,” said Bill Widener, CEO of KMHD.

“Granby Ranch has long recognized the importance of having high-quality, local health care options for residents and guests of east Grand County. We are proud to support a project that would become such a vital community asset,” said Granby Ranch partner Marise Ciprian.,

Since taking the leadership role of developing locally owned and operated health care services in east Grand County several months ago, (formerly headed by the Grand County Rural Health Network), KMHD has been thorough in the search for land.

Several other sites have been given serious consideration because they met specific criteria including high visibility, relative high population, centralized location, multiple entrances and necessary utility sources.

Although none of the potential sites have been ruled out entirely, officials indicate that the possible Granby Ranch offer is most promising.

The Granby Ranch property reportedly has less ground work associated and could be built at a lower cost.

“We are extremely grateful to each of the organizations who have worked with us on finding the best place to build a health care center,” said Widener.

“The location of the Granby Ranch property currently under discussion is ideally situated on the southeast end of Granby to provide the greatest ease of access,” he continued.

Construction of site improvements is anticipated to begin summer 2009 with the intention to open in late 2010, but Widener is quick to explain that any number of variables might affect that timeline.

“We have a team of exceptional professionals working on this project. We are highly confident and highly motivated,” said Widener.

Confidence is reinforced by recent accomplishments with HUD (Housing and Urban Development). In June of 2008 hospital officials visited the HUD health care committee in Washington, D.C. The thorough presentation, including a financial feasibility study, impressed the committee and prompted them to recommend that KMHD continue to pursue the guarantee loan process. The same KMHD officials will return to Washington in April to update HUD on the progress of the proposed project.

Granby Mayor Jynnifer Pierro said she and the board of trustees would be delighted to have such an important facility in the town limits close to downtown.

“This would help provide expanded healthcare while also offering jobs that would enhance Granby’s economic development,” Pierro said.

Widener notes that the support from so many citizens and businesses, the municipalities and from the county commissioners is highly appreciated.

“I believe discussions with Granby Ranch will progress quickly and become a significant step toward accomplishing our goal of providing high quality, sustainable healthcare county-wide,” Widener concluded.

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