Granby Ranch resumes operation of Quickdraw Express over weekend |

Granby Ranch resumes operation of Quickdraw Express over weekend

A group of skiers waits for the Quickdraw Express early Tuesday morning Jan 31. Operation of the Quickdraw resumed on Saturday, Jan. 28 under the lift’s diesel prime mover. As of Tuesday the lift was still utilizing the diesel prime mover for operation. Granby Ranch officials anticipate installation of a new electric drive/control system sometime this week.
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The Quickdraw Express is back up and running.

Officials from Granby Ranch reopened the alpine skiing chairlift Saturday Jan. 28. The lift was operational Tuesday morning with close to a dozen guests riding up Granby Ranch’s East Mountain.

Operation of the Quickdraw has been occurring in fits and starts since a fatal chairlift accident occurred on Dec. 29, 2016. Following that accident the Quickdraw was shut down as state investigators and officials from Granby Ranch worked to determine the cause of the incident.

While authorities are still working to identify a specific cause a Non-Disciplinary Interim Operation Agreement between the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board (CPTSB) and Granby Ranch identified, “issues within the electrical drive/control system that contributed to a rare dynamic event that occurred on the lift at the time of the incident.”

Following that revelation operation of the lift resumed on Jan. 10 with Granby Ranch using the Quickdraw’s diesel prime mover to propel the machinery. However operation of the lift was suspended on Jan. 18 following a directive from the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board (CPTSB) due to, “unusual/irregular conditions in the performance of the diesel prime mover system,” according to a spokesman for the CPTSB.

Last Wednesday, Jan. 25, Granby Ranch issued a press release outlining their plans for the Quickdraw.

According to the release Granby Ranch is contracting with Leitner-Poma of America, the original manufacturer of the lift, to install a new electric drive on the Quickdraw.

Officials from Granby Ranch stated, “The Ski area has targeted the week of January 30th to renew operation of the lift on electric power.” As of Tuesday morning the Quickdraw was still operating using its diesel prime mover. Granby Ranch CEO Melissa Cipriani said the resort still anticipates installation of the new electric drive/control system this week.

Despite the ongoing technical work guests on the hill Tuesday morning weren’t worried about riding up the Quickdraw. David Gossett calls himself an, “empty nester” and spends two to three-months each year living and snowboarding in Granby. “I’m feeling great today,” Gossett said as he prepared to take the Quickdraw back up for his second ride of the morning.

“I love this place. This is just a great place to come and have fun. You don’t have people cutting you off like some of the other resorts around here. It is like a little secret.”

Gossett said he had, “no concerns” about riding up the Quickdraw and added, “as long as you have the bar down you’re good.”

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