Granby recreation renaissance flourishes with start of indoor soccer facility |

Granby recreation renaissance flourishes with start of indoor soccer facility

by Tonya Bina
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Construction workers broke ground on Granby’s new indoor soccer facility Tuesday.

The 120-foot by 180-foot field near the middle school will look “a bit like DIA” with a fabric domed-shaped roof over a metal frame, according to Intermountain Youth Soccer Association registrar Simon Levett.

The facility, a gift from private donors associated with the local youth soccer club, will be used by the club, the East Grand School District and the Granby Recreation Department.

The school district provided the land for the club, which it leased to the town long-term. The InterMountain Youth Soccer Association provided the funds to build the facility, and Granby Recreation Department plans to take care of public programming.

All three of those entities have agreed to contribute funds to maintain the facility in accordance with their share of use.

“Because of our location in the mountains, there is nowhere our young people can play in the winter,” Levett said about his club’s motivation to donate the heated facility. In the past, local club teams have been forced to go as far as Denver to practice indoors, he said.

The field will be turf, similar to what many Denver teams play on.

“It will be good preparation for (club teams),” Levett said.

The facility will also be available to girls high school soccer, which takes place in the spring.

Since boys high school soccer takes place in the fall, it’s expected those players will have less need for the indoor facility. Recreation leagues will also have access to the indoor field.

The construction should go quickly, Levett said. The building’s completion is slated for mid-January.

Accessory to the building are the town’s plans to build a “gateway building” to serve as a connection between the indoor soccer facility and a future indoor hockey arena.

This building would hold offices, restrooms, changing areas, storage and a mechanical room, Granby Town Manager David Huseman said.

“I am hopeful that we’ll see a hockey facility built in the near future,” he added.

Dan Osborne, who for five years has been researching the possibility of locating an indoor hockey rink in Granby, says a group of business owners have been interested in spearheading the project, and the available land puts them that much closer to making the project happen. Osborne has lined up a consultant and construction liaison to complete a demographic study and run the numbers of building and operating such a facility.

“One of my desires is to help keep it off of the tax roll and have it as close to self-funded as possible,” Osborne said.

But since he began researching the project five years ago, Osborne said his business and family have grown, leaving him little time to seek the funds needed to take on the consultant for the project.

“I haven’t loss the desire, just lost the time,” he said, adding that people interested in seeing an indoor hockey rink in Granby are more than welcome to join the cause.

The overall plan (presently displayed at Town Hall) for the former middle school location near the present middle school includes:

-An outdoor soccer field 110 x 60 yards

-An outdoor half soccer field 110 x 180 feet

-An indoor soccer field 120 x 180 feet

-An indoor ice hockey rink 220 x 110 feet

-A 30-by-30 pavilion/spectator area

-A “gateway” building 50 x 50 feet

-Two tennis courts on an area 120 x 114 feet

The tennis courts, relocated from the town park, are currently being built.

Huseman plans to seek grants for the two outdoor fields, the pavilion, and other components such as sidewalks, a parking lot and lighting.

“It’s going to be a cool park when it’s done,” he said.

Granby is also working on updating the little league field adjacent to the Town Hall. With help from the Little League Association, the town is improving it with hopes it will be ready to play on by spring.

Adding to Granby’s recreation renaissance is Granby Ranch’s gift of land to the town in exchange for the ability to create special districts within its development. The town board is devoted to having an indoor recreation center on a portion of that land.

Huseman said immediately after the town is granted the property, focus projects will start with the aim of collecting community input on what citizens would want in their center.

“The key to all our parks are citizens, residents and the Board of Trustees with their commitment to recreation. We couldn’t do all of this if it weren’t for them,” Huseman said.

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