Granby residents need to stop grumbling, step up and get involved |

Granby residents need to stop grumbling, step up and get involved

To the Editor:

To I cannot tell you how many times I have started this letter because of something someone said, wrote or talked about. Well, I have finally hit my last straw.

I am a true local of Grand County, native, volunteer, employee, mom and whatever else happens to come up. I cannot believe the way these people are reacting to the new “building” for the indoor soccer field.

The building is big, no, it is HUGE. I didn’t hear anyone complaining when someone was willing to give the district (recreation district, school district and the town) money to make this building happen.

If these people are so worried about property values around there, they should probably think twice before they put up another portable garage in their yard. What’s the difference? As far as I am concerned, putting new tennis courts, an indoor soccer field and other activities on this empty piece of land will only drive property values up and give our children something to enjoy.

I cannot tell you how many times we have sat out in the freezing rain, snow, sleet, hail to watch our children play a sport that does not necessarily work around our climate, but we make it work the best we can. Now, if this building was put up to make a recreation center for volleyball or basketball, I wouldn’t hear complaints from these people ” that’s different. No, it’s just a sport of choice. Get over it.

East Grand School District has come a long way in the past few years.

I remember when the District would spend money just to spend it ” oh wait, that was when Indian Peaks (Charter School) wanted more money to move into their own building. Our District has supported Indian Peaks Charter School since its conception.

It has funded a modular or two, it has funded a piece of land, until they could lock in their own piece of land in Tabernash, it has supported their board changes and, furthermore, it has more than done its share to help the transition from the modulars to their new site and back. Indian Peaks Charter School is not homeless, our District has allowed and offered them rooms in the Middle School, modulars, etc., and they were all turned down because it didn’t fit their needs. What needs? It’s more of the wants than anything.

It’s time to cut the umbilical cord and decide how and when you are going to make it on your own. You act more like a private school than a charter school. We don’t hear anything about the Winter Park Christian School; they are doing it all by themselves. Congrats.

It’s time this community realizes what we have is not only good, but great. The more people that show up at the East Grand School District meetings, the better they will understand what these unpaid board members have to deal with.

Step up to the plate and help our community be what you want it to be and stop grumbling in the newspaper.

Kelli Acord


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