Granby Save the live trees along Highway 125 project |

Granby Save the live trees along Highway 125 project

To the Editor:Although I agree that the Colorado Department of Transportation should be taking down dead lodgepole pines along Highway 125 before resurfacing the pavement, someone should be questioning the trees marked for removal that are healthy.Of the 671 trees marked between mile marker 0 and 14, many are not infested with mountain pine beetle or are too young to be affected by the disease. These trees may be the few lodgepole pines left in five years and will be providing precious shade.I think many homeowners along Highway 125 will be shocked when they discover that after paying to spray these pines year after year, the only privacy barrier they had to the highway has been removed.During a normal summer, this tree-removing policy might make sense, but this summer is a wet one and we are already losing hundreds of thousands of trees to the epidemic. Cant CDOT be a little more selective?Cindy KlehGranby