Granby " School will begin Aug. 26 under new East Grand calendar |

Granby " School will begin Aug. 26 under new East Grand calendar

Cyndi McCoy
Sky-Hi Daily News
Grand County, Colorado

Among other items, the East Grand Board of Education approved its calendar for the 2009-2012 school years last Tuesday.

After thorough research, the District Accountability Committee provided the school board with two options to choose from. One option started the school years two weeks before Labor Day, the other, one week before the Labor Day holiday (as the school district had in the past).

Superintendent Nancy Karas announced that a decision was made to have their “cake and eat it too” by combining the choices. Board members agreed it was a good compromise and voted unanimously to start the school year a week and a half before Labor Day, on August 26. The decision also satisfies a huge demand survey respondents expressed for a mid-winter break.

“It makes everyone happy across the board,” said Melissa Quinn, treasurer and board director, Granby/Directorship V.

The calendar for the 2009-2010 school year consists of 146 student days, 73 days in the first and second semesters. The week remains as a four-day week, with Fridays off.

Breaks include Labor Day (Sept. 7), Nov. 23-26 for Thanksgiving, Dec. 21-31 for Christmas, Feb. 22, April 5-8 mid-winter break, and Memorial Day, May 31. Graduation is scheduled for June 5, 2010, and classes will dismiss for the summer June 9.

The state board is meeting in August to decide whether to continue to allow school districts to count passing periods in its student-contact time. Should the state decide to discontinue factoring in the passing periods, the EGSD board would have to re-factor in up to 12 school days to meet the state requirements. Board members acknowledged the state board might “throw a wrench” into the schedules and agreed they’d revisit the issue if necessary.

Other agenda items included:

– Approval of the renewal for the Honeywell Performance Contract, considered a win-win by board members even if the wind energy project is taken off the table. Felt to be perhaps “a little bit too ambitious” at this point in time, President Tom Sifers pointed out, the board will wait to hear from the company as to whether a wind turbine plant would be feasible for the district.

– Approval of an agreement to vacate an easement with the Granby Sanitation District. (Construction at Granby Elementary School resulted in moving the sewer line, allowing the school district to vacate the existing sewer easement with Granby Sanitation). Board members also discussed the pressing need to address easement issues surrounding power lines and a fire hydrant at Indian Peaks Charter School. The charter school was given until this summer to apply for grants to help fund the projects.

– Discussion of American Disabilities Act compliance considerations for Grand Lake Elementary (complete rest room remodel topped the list). “There is a multitude of things that need to be done, sooner rather than later,” said Barbara Ahrens, secretary, Grand Lake/Directorship VI. Other possible summer projects to choose from included cubbies and benches, hand rails and curtains for the stage, threshold upgrades, and asphalt.

– Updates on the progress to balance the upcoming budget. Although the financial outlook isn’t any better at this time, the board reiterated its dedication to the school’s mission of putting students first. Members reaffirmed there is no plan to cut activities or classes during the next school year. “We don’t plan on cutting any programs unless we absolutely have to,” Karas said.

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