Granby sets sights on gun laws in wake of meeting incident |

Granby sets sights on gun laws in wake of meeting incident

Tonya Bina
Granby, CO Colorado

GRANBY – The town of Granby is exploring gun laws after a meeting-goer accidentally dropped his loaded sub-compact semi-automatic pistol while publicly speaking to the board of trustees.

Ed Magee of Granby, himself a former planning commission and board of trustees member who ran for a seat on the town board as late as 2010, was standing at the podium sharing his concerns about a town donation to the East Grand Education Foundation when his loaded concealed weapon tucked in the waistband of his trousers fell onto the floor.

Trustees at the time were unaware of what had fallen out of view behind the podium, according to Mayor Pro-Tem Ed Raffety.

Magee then informed them it had been his gun that had dropped.

“It was just an unfortunate encounter with gravity,” Magee said on Monday. Magee, who is permitted to carry a concealed weapon under state law, said he had not intended for the gun to be exposed or for it to be in any way intimidating.

He had “rushed” to get to the meeting on time after having been in the Denver area all day, he said, and he hadn’t had enough time to stop at home to change clothes and put away the weapon.

“We were all upset when we found out what was going on. I was,” said Raffety, who presided over the meeting in Mayor Jynnifer Pierro’s absence that evening. “That’s not what I go to a board meeting for,” he said.

“I understand their concern,” Magee said.

The incident prompted town officials to instruct the town’s attorney to explore a possible amendment to the town code concerning “weapons in public buildings and places.”

This board agenda item is being discussed at 6 p.m. on Aug. 9, at the regular town board meeting at the Granby town hall.

“It’s disturbing,” Raffety said, “and we don’t want it to be a problem for the board in the future.”

According to Colorado law, for residents who have a permit to carry a concealed handgun, carrying such a gun in a public place is mostly a protected right, save for restrictions at schools and public buildings where there are security checkpoints, such as the Grand County Courthouse.

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