Granby shouldn’t blame all gun owners for one mistake |

Granby shouldn’t blame all gun owners for one mistake

To the Editor:

I read the story in the paper about Ed Magee dropping his pistol during a Town Hall meeting. The Granby Town Council and mayor are now restricting the public from carrying guns in Town Hall. They missed the point totally, and I want them to know it.

The issue is not about carrying a gun in Town Hall. The incident happened because Mr. Magee was carrying a pistol in the waistband of his pants, and not in a proper holster inside his clothes.

Carrying a weapon in this manner is dangerous and irresponsible for many reasons. A person who accidentally drops his/her weapon is not a responsible gun handler and should have his/her concealed carry permit suspended or revoked.

Proper handling of weapons is paramount in the safe ownership and use of those weapons. Some weapons can accidentally discharge if dropped, and this is a safety concern that everyone needs to understand.

The Sky-Hi News article mentioned that the pistol was “loaded.” That designation is not necessary. All firearms should be considered loaded. And, why in the world would someone carry an unloaded weapon in the waistband of their pants, anyway?

Concealed carry permits are for people who feel the need to be able to protect themselves. This is a Second Amendment issue, and all Americans who want to carry should be allowed to do so, as long as they are not endangering the public.

All the Granby Town Hall had to do is put up a sign that notifies visitors to Town Hall that all concealed weapons brought into the building must remain in holsters, purses or pockets while inside the building.

If a person displays a weapon inside the building, either intentionally or unintentionally, the police should direct the person outside.

It would be reasonable that a person escorted out of the building after such an incident only be allowed inside the Town Hall from that day forward without his or her weapon.

Granby officials, don’t infringe on others because of one person’s mistake.

James Ware

Grand Lake

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