Granby: The parable of the unbroken horse |

Granby: The parable of the unbroken horse

by Cyndi Palmer
Sky-Hi Daily News

Dr. Lew Sterrett, a nationally renowned horse trainer, regularly draws large crowds in rodeo arenas all across the United States. While working gently with an unbroken horse – building its trust until it lets him ride – he’ll demonstrate how healthy relationships develop.

The program, called “Sermon on the Mount,” promises to illustrate the principles of life, character and faith. He will accomplish this by showing how a trainer’s character wins a horse’s trust, setting the stage for future success in all areas of life. The program uses Biblical principles to demonstrate loving, successful horse and trainer interaction.

During the experience, the audience will learn specific criteria to use when evaluating and understanding horse behavior. He will also be doing several specialized, local riding and training clinics separate from the main event.

The horse training demonstration rounds out with a free musical performance by Mike Hammock (and band) of Nashville.

Rich Miller, current host of the syndicated radio program Power Source Top 20 Countdown in Nashville, said there are singers and then there are vocal stylists and that Hammock as a vocal stylist has a flair all his own.

“His smooth, rich baritone vocals draw his audience in from the moment he begins,” he said.

Hammock, who has performed several times at Stillwater Community Chapel in Grand Lake, started his singing career in the “opry” houses throughout Texas. He moved on to the honky tonks and dance halls of Tennessee, and went on to write, record and perform the inspirational country music he plays today.

In 2004, his song “Angel Up There” reached No. 1 on the inspirational country music charts and “Can’t Take It With You” was a top-10 single. In 2005, he finished his first video for “Welcome Home Soldier,” which went No. 1 in January 2006. Hammock was also voted the Inspirational Country Music Association’s Male Vocalist of the Year in 2004 and Entertainer of the Year in 2006.

He has performed live ” with themes of family, faith and country ” along with talents such as The Oak Ridge Boys and has four CD projects to his credit. For Saturday’s show, Hammock will be joined by Robbie Lee (electric guitar), Chip Bricker (piano/background vocals), Larry Campanello (bass guitar), and Spence Peppard (drums).

Hammock said the band especially loves playing at an outdoor event.

“It doesn’t get any better than playing outdoors in Colorado,” he said. “I have many things to be thankful for and if something I say or a song I sing can bring joy and hope to someone’s life, I’ve done my job.”

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