Granby trash transfer station poised to open |

Granby trash transfer station poised to open

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News
Grand County, CO Colorado
Byron Hetzler/Sky-Hi Daily News
Byron Hetzler/Sky-Hi Daily News | Sky-Hi Daily News

GRANBY – Imagine parking in front of your garage, unloading trash from your vehicle and dumping it onto the garage floor.

That’s what it will be like to dump trash at the new trash transfer facility in Granby, set to open on Monday, April 26.

Grand County’s landfill correspondingly will close two days earlier, the end of a long reign of government-run trash disposal in the area.

The new $1 million trash transfer station located in the industrial park behind Mountain Parks Electric, owned and operated by The Trash Company – the parent company of which is Waste Connections – is the latest solution to trash management in response to the 2007 county landfill crisis that cost taxpayers $4 million in stopping a slow-moving landslide that at one time threatened creek water flowing to the Colorado River.

The county explored opening its own transfer station to replace the landfill, but ultimately county commissioners opted to turn over trash operations to the private sector.

As a result, all of Grand County’s trash now will be hauled 105 miles to Waste Connection’s Denver Regional Landfill in Erie, a landfill with an expected 40-year lifespan, and recycling will be hauled to Waste Management’s Franklin Street Recycling and Transfer Facility in Denver.

Kent Hinsley is District Manager of the Trash Company, which received a permit for the transfer station through the Town of Granby.

All residents and businesses will be able to dump trash at the transfer station, but in light of the pricing structure, taking more than one bag – or “trashpooling” – would mean better cost-savings, Hinsey said.

The opening of the transfer station will also include single-stream recycling.

Recyclers of glass containers, plastics 1 and 2, cardboard, paper, aluminum and tin will be able to fill a 96-gallon cart at a cost of $4 per cart.

The facility also will take appliances (but not refrigerators or air conditioners because of CFCs) tires, car batteries, and is working on the permitting needed to take used oil, Hinsey said. The facility is also working with another hauler to accept electronics at the transfer facility.

As far as household hazardous waste, The Trash Company manager said the company is willing to work with other entities to create a hazardous waste collection day.

At the current volume of generated trash in the county, two truckloads will be hauled daily from Grand County.

The metal 8,100 square-foot station has a 6,500 square-foot trash dumping area.

The space is large enough to fit 12 garbage trucks piled two trucks high.

From the tipping floor, trash almost immediately will be scooped up and loaded into trailers parked in the narrow bay inside the building. When a truck returns to Granby to haul trash back down to Erie, the trash in the trailers inside the building will be unloaded into the truck for transport.

The building is capable of handling 500 tons of trash a day, Hinsey said. By comparison, countywide trash presently hauled to the county landfills amounts to about 50 tons a day. At peak times, the county landfills took in about 100 tons a day.

The new facility with all of its planned concrete is slated to be fully constructed by June, but will be operational in the meantime, Hinsey said.

One plant manager was hired to run the facility, and more employees may be hired in the future if volumes pick up, Hinsey said. An independent contractor will be making the daily trash hauls to Erie.

The facility’s largest customer will be the other trash hauler in Grand County, Waste Management.

By May, Hinsey said, fee structures on single-stream curbside recycling will be introduced to consumers who live within town boundaries.

Eventually the service could expand to rural areas, Hinsey said, especially subdivisions that arrange drop sites.

Speaking only for consumers of The Trash Company, prices for curbside trash hauling are not being increased at this time because of the new transfer station, Hinsey said.

Customers of Waste Management, however, have received communication that they may see an increase in trash service pricing, according to a statement from Waste Management spokesperson Tiffany Moehring.

“Because of the landfill closure and the necessity to transfer waste outside of Grand County, the disposal fees for Waste Management customers will increase, and the increase in these fees is directly reflective and because of the use of a transfer station,” she said.

“By the May billing cycle, we will know what the increase will look like for each customer.”

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