Granby Trustee candidates Q & A |

Granby Trustee candidates Q & A

Sky-Hi News Staff Report

Greg Mordini

Occupation: Chief Financial Officer for Western United Electric Supply

Education: Bachelor Degree in Finance – University of Iowa

How many years in Grand County? 11 years

Original hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

Family: Wife Kelly of 25 years, two son’s Nick and Alex

What do you like about Granby?
My family and I were drawn to Granby because of the small town, family friendly and safe environment. We enjoy the multitude of outdoor activities offered throughout the county including skiing, hiking, biking and golf.

What experience or qualifications make you the best candidate for trustee?
I have served on the Granby Board of Trustees for the past 8 years and am proud of our accomplishments including the beautification of our Main Street in downtown Granby with summer flower pots, winter lighting and enhanced signage. I am also proud that during the recent recession, Granby was able to avoid deficit spending through actively controlling costs and enhancing our revenue stream. My experience, education and desire to actively see our community thrive are the qualifications that best suited me for Trustee of Granby.

What are your platform goals?
1 – Affordable housing for our working families, 2 – A thriving downtown Granby Main Street, 3 – Preserving our resources including our land, water, parks and trails

What do you think will be the biggest issue facing Granby in the next four years?
Granby is the hub of the Grand County community yet many of our citizens cannot afford to live here due to the high cost of living. First, I want to reduce this cost by making affordable housing available. The Town of Granby has land available specifically for this purpose and we can reduce the cost to build homes by waiving some of the upfront costs charged as Use tax by the town. Second, I want to transfer some of the taxes our citizens pay to taxes paid for primarily by the tourists and visitors to our community. I look forward to working for the citizens of Granby with our new Mayor and Board of Trustees on these and other goals that improve and enhance our town.

Nick Raible

Occupation: Director of Sales for a medical device business that manufactures and sells ultrasound systems to measure bloodflow in the brain. Also, I am the managing member of a small business based in Granby that manufactures and sells medical training dolls. Through the wonders of the internet, I am able to work from home.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Master’s Degree in Biomechanics.

How many years in Grand County? Five, 2 part time, 3 full time.

Original hometown: Pasadena, California.

Family: My wife Cathy is a public health nurse and an avid skier and golfer. We have two boys who both live in the Front Range and visit frequently.

What do you like about Granby?
The friendliness of the people and the relaxed lifestyle. I also like the fact that there are two golf courses and a ski area within the town limits with hunting and fishing in our backyard.

What experience or qualifications make you the best candidate for trustee?
I am very accustomed to working as part of a team and I know how to listen to multiple opinions before making a decision. I was a volunteer fire fighter in Frisco and Indian Hills where I gained experience working with community members with different visions of how the towns should grow. With this experience, I believe I can make informed decisions regarding town improvements without changing the character of our town.

What are your platform goals?
If elected, one of my goals will be to listen to our business owners to hear ideas on what can be done to help our town thrive. I believe if we can re-vitalize downtown, more businesses will locate in Granby and sales tax revenues will increase.

As a resident of Granby Ranch, another one of my goals is to become thoroughly versed in the agreements between Granby Ranch and town. I would like to fairly represent both sides to ensure that the spirit of these agreements is upheld.

What do you think will be the biggest issue facing Granby in the next four years?
1- Attainable housing for Granby employees. We have land available for this and I think we should consider several options including modular homes and minimal amenity apartments. We should also consider waiving the use fees for these types of projects. 2 – Changes to downtown designed to encourage visitors to stop and shop. This would include more parking with better signage; increasing the current town beautification projects such as flowers, lighting and signs; and altering the store front beautification programs to encourage the use of local contractors. 3 – Water will always be an issue in Colorado. I applaud our current council for managing the water projects to keep the price as low as possible. The new board will need to continue these efforts to ensure that our water rights are maintained, our water is pure and reasonably priced.

Jane Harmon

Occupation: Principal at Granby Elementary School

Education: Superintendent Licensure – University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; Masters of Science Degree in K-12 Educational Administration – Chadron State College, Chadron, NE; Bachelors of Science in K-6 Elementary Education & 6-12 English Language Arts Education – Southwest Minnesota State University

How many years in Grand County? My husband and I own a home in Granby and have lived here for eight years.

Original hometown: Colman, South Dakota

Family: My husband, Matt, is a sergeant for the Fraser-Winter Park Police Department. Our daughter, Emily (27), is married and lives in Arizona with her husband, Brian, and our grandson, Theodore.

What do you like about Granby?
Having lived in small towns my entire life, I enjoy feeling like I’m part of something that matters. Over the last eight years, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of the people in the community. I know my neighbors, and care about their wellbeing. I cannot imagine a better place to live and work. Of course, as do most of us who live in Grand County, Matt and I love being outdoors and the proximity that Granby provides for hiking, camping, biking, and skiing.

What experience or qualifications make you the best candidate for trustee?
I have proven my leadership skills while serving as a school administrator for the past eighteen years. I have experience in working within the constraints of governmental agencies, dealing with fluctuating budgets, handling personnel issues, and listening to the concerns of community members. As a collaborative leader, I make decisions only after reviewing all the information available and listening to the involved stakeholders. I am accustomed to making difficult decisions that are right not only for short-term benefits but also to achieve long-term goals. I am an effective communicator and a caring trustworthy person. I have effectively worked with others to advance the goals of my organization. In doing so, I have been able to establish positive working relationships with many other agencies in the community. I look forward to bringing these qualities to the Board of Trustees.

What are your platform goals?
Establishing vision and goals that are in alignment with our community values is imperative for the new mayor and Trustees. I consider this to be an exciting time for Granby and would like to be involved in short and long term planning that supports economic growth, stability, and Granby’s culture. I will utilize these written plans as a basis for ongoing decision-making. I am fiscally conservative and will work diligently to ensure that decisions and finances continue to be transparent and well communicated. I consider the town’s employees to be one its greatest resources and will continue to support them. As an educator, I believe in supporting opportunities to foster growth and development in our youth as they become future community leaders.

What do you think will be the biggest issue facing Granby in the next four years?
There are many issues facing the community over the next four years, including economic development that is sustainable, preserves our way of life, and improves our well-being as a community, personnel decisions in key leadership positions, town infrastructure, and affordable housing. As a trustee, I will work to develop effective solutions to development and infrastructure through collaborative dialogue with stakeholders and seeking out ideas and feedback from the community. In personnel matters, I will advocate for thorough review of candidates to ensure they not only have the competence to do the job well, but that they are also a good fit with our community. With affordable housing, I believe Granby has the opportunity to play an important role for the county. This is an issue all over Colorado and will not be resolved easily, but should be addressed by the Town Boards and the Board of County Commissioners together.

Rebecca (Becky) Johnson

Occupation: I am a Retired Teacher and Coach of 38 years.

Education: Bachelor of Science Degrees in Physical Education, Health, & Recreation; 7-12 Mathematics; and 7-12 Biological Science.

How many years in Grand County? We purchased a home in December of 2010 and became residents in March of 2011.

Original hometown: I was born in Quinn, SD but moved to Colorado in 1957 and attended K – second grade at Climax and third – twelve grade in Leadville. I attended college at CSU in Ft. Collins.

Family: Spouse: Kenton Son: Rusty and family (Bismarck, ND), Daughter: Kristi and family (Minot, ND)

What do you like about Granby? We love the hometown, friendly atmosphere that Granby has to offer, the outdoor recreational activities, and the climate. Yes, we are winter people! We actually chose to retire here!

What experience or qualifications make you the best candidate for trustee?
The experience I would bring to the board is I served on a Board for an HOA and was treasurer. I have served on the Planning Commission for four years, the Open Space and Recreation Committee for three years, and on the Town Budget Committee (as a citizen) for the last three years. My qualifications for a trustee position are my very high level of interest in the town, its policies, its growth, and its planning. I have also attended more than 85% of the town meetings since the election in 2014. Therefore, I feel by attending the meetings I am very aware of all that is facing Granby; the issues that have been before the current board and of the new issues that we are facing with growth and development.

What are your platform goals?
My goals are to serve the town of Granby by being well informed on all issues presented to the board and improve and enforce the town policies. I would like to see two citywide clean up days to help our citizens be proud of their property and our town. I would also like to aid in the development of attainable housing, hometown growth and pride, and encourage new businesses.

What do you think will be the biggest issue facing Granby in the next four years?
The biggest issues facing Granby are the same issues facing Grand County. They are to develop attainable housing, encourage responsible growth in the town, mass transportation for the county, and to encourage new businesses. I feel all of these are linked together. Housing is a major issue and must be addressed first, with housing will come growth and businesses. Transportation is needed for Granby to develop along with the rest of the county. What are my solutions? First, is to obtain and help developers build attainable housing with possible tap fee incentives based on lot size or unit size, grants and/or public-private partnerships. Growth will come with people and jobs; growth encourages businesses to want to open in Granby. Mass transportation is a huge problem that the entire county must work on together to link our towns, businesses and work force.

Paul Robertson

Occupation: Small business consultant – Strategic planning, operations, marketing

Education: Biology and Chemistry degrees

How many years in Grand County? 9 year land owner, 6 year full-time resident

Original hometown: St. Paul, Minn.

Family: Wife Gretchen, Daughter Alex in Denver

What do you like about Granby?
My wife first visited and fell in love with this valley as a college student in 1975, skiing at Mary Jane that year that it opened and staying at Snow Mountain Ranch. My family visited this valley as tourists for nearly 20 years before moving here. Even when the trip was about skiing at Winter Park, we stayed in Granby. Unlike the transient nature of Winter Park, and decentralized nature of Fraser, Granby always struck us as a town that was built on it’s community. It’s that sense of community, that we know each other, watch out for each other and want Granby to prosper for ALL of us together that gives it that true sense of home for us. My wife Gretchen and I experienced that while growing up in the Midwest, and we’re fortunate to have found that again, here in Granby.

What experience or qualifications make you the best candidate for trustee:
My business is small business consulting with a focus on strategic planning/operations management and marketing. Everyday I’m involved in developing clear goals and the activities that will lead to accomplishing them. I believe that you lead with service and have become very involved with the Granby Community. It’s this ground level involvement that lead to my serving with the Granby Chamber of Commerce, the Granby Planning Commission, the Granby Town Board, and currently serving as the Field Director for Grand County Search and Rescue. While I appreciate enthusiasm and ideas, little gets done until we all take action. I believe that my experience in soliciting information and opinions, organizing that information, setting long term goals as a community and then developing plans to actually accomplish those goals is what I bring to being a Trustee.

What are your platform goals?
I’m really focused on three things: Maintaining the sense of community that makes us who we are. We do this by being responsible in managing our growth while working on making Granby more of a destination, than a drive through or “supply stop” for all of those people that come to the valley for recreation. Contributing to a prosperous business community that will both serve our residents and become a draw to visitors and future residents.

Make certain that we develop an affordable housing solution so that employees of local businesses can actually live in the community that they are working in, and that new families aren’t prevented from being able to live here.

What do you think will be the biggest issue facing Granby in the next four years?
I believe that our biggest challenge as a community is encouraging both families and businesses to move to Granby. We can’t have one without the other. Businesses need customers to serve and families need businesses to support them without having to leave the community. Employees of local businesses need an affordable place to live and families need that sense of community with good schools, etc. These businesses are the economic engine that allows the Town to provide the services we all need. This means that we need to focus on increasing the development of additional housing and a prospering Main Street with businesses that support all of the current and future residents. Important in this process is that this happen with a sense of longer term planning, not uncoordinated short term solutions.

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