Granby – Tune Up Your Mountain Bike Lingo for National Mountain Bike Championships at SolVista |

Granby – Tune Up Your Mountain Bike Lingo for National Mountain Bike Championships at SolVista

For the first time, Colorado will host the National Mountain Bike Championships on July 16-19 at Granby Ranch. Those planning to take in the country’s best mountain biking might want to tune up their mountain biking lingo or it could be difficult to keep up. For example:

 Mountain Bike Lingo: An easy warm up on a fireroad can go bad when unexpected babyheads appear causing a pinchflat long before you reach the whoops and that can be a bigger hassle than an endo.”

 Translation: A fireroad is a relatively easy dirt trail but if a pile of small rocks appear in the trail, you could get a flat caused by the tire compression on all the rocks which would make trying to ride through the dirt bumps really difficult and you might end up going over the handlebars in a visually spectacular fall.

 The following glossary of mountain bike terms will help ensure a smooth ride at Granby Ranch.

 Singletrack – A thin dirt trail one to two feet wide that winds through trees and mountains.

Fireroad – Wide dirt road where passing can occur, not technically difficult.

Run – A ride down a course, usually referring to downhill.

Berm – A banked turn, which allows riders to change directions more easily.

Off Camber – A turn, which is cambered away from the rider, the opposite of a berm. Technically difficult to ride.

Whoops – A series of bumps, either man-made (as obstacles) or naturally developing in a course due to riding or braking.

Double – A jump with a take off and a separate landing, no dirt in the middle.

Tabletop – A jump with a take off and a landing joined by dirt in the middle, resembling a table.

Lip – The take off portion of a jump.

Hip – A jump that is incorporated into a turn. Riders should turn on the lip and land going in a different direction than they started.

Rock Garden – A section of trail that is filled with rocks, either man-made or natural.

Babyheads – Small rocks from a fist size to a bowling ball size that can move a bike unpredictably.

DH – A point-to-point downhill race emphasizing technical prowess and sprinting ability. One rider races a clock at a time.

XC – A cross-country mass start race with climbing and descending emphasizing aerobic fitness and endurance.

4X – A four-person race with jumps, whoops, off camber and berm corners emphasizing strategy, cornering and sprinting. The top two riders move closer to a final four race.

Short Track – A short (25-30 minutes) lap race with sprint climbs and short descents, which allow spectators to see entire races in a short span of time.

Super D – A downhill race with more of an emphasis on pedaling and fitness, with tamed down sections that are not as difficult as a regular downhill race.

Endo – A crash where a rider flips over the handlebars.

Kit – An outfit worn for riding, especially pertaining to downhill or 4X.

Pinchflat – A flat tire caused by the tire compressing over rocks, logs, objects and pinching a hole in the tube.

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