Granby’s Four Paws Resort lets your pets vacation while you do |

Granby’s Four Paws Resort lets your pets vacation while you do

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News
Tonya Bina/Sky-Hi Daily NewsBrian and Bridgette Deihl take tenants staying at their newly opened Four Paws Resort boarding kennels in Granby on walks at least two times a day. Off-leash play times are also treated daily.

Grand County has a new home away from home for local Fidos.

Brian and Bridgette Deihl of Granby opened the doors to Four Paws Resort in April, and the facility has become a welcome service for dog and cat lovers on the move.

On the couple’s 10-acre spread at the edge of Granby, a horse ranch has been transformed into a pet “resort.”

A 4,000 square-foot doggie play yard is under construction and another 2,000 square-foot barn is used for indoor play.

The Deihls walk dogs several times a day, according to Bridgette, and daily supervised play times are never skipped.

“Our goal is to get them out a lot and be with them one-on-one,” she said. Groups are kept small so each animal is assured plenty of play space.

The kennel has three outdoor runs and 13 indoor runs for boarding dogs.

In addition, a separate room has 10 cat condos, several of which are considered suites for cats that require more room. During the day, the Deihls allow cats to run free within the room, complete with a window perch and a carpet tower.

Cat stays range from $13 to $20, and $8 for extra family members.

Dog kennels come in standard for $22 per day, deluxe for $26 per day and king for $28 per day, all for small to large dogs as well as “sibling” dogs that prefer to share.

A love of animals led the Deihls to purchase their property in 2004 specifically to open their new business.

“I’ve loved animals my whole life,” Bridgette, a Granby native, said. The couple owns three dogs, two horses, three cockatiels and a cat.

Thinking she would one day be a veterinarian, Bridgette volunteered at Granby vet offices. But the notion of putting animals to sleep didn’t agree with her, leading her in a different direction. She obtained her accounting degree, but then “I got bored sitting by a computer all day long,” she said.

Upon dog sitting for friends, the couple discovered boarding animals was more to their liking for the opportunity to care for healthy animals that are well-loved.

Both she and Brian are certified in pet CPR and first aid.

The couple’s three dogs ” an Australian shepherd mix named Charlie, a basset hound named Blue and a Scottish deerhound mix named Annie ” enjoy sharing turf with other four-legged visitors. The Deihls adopted Charlie and Annie from the animal shelter.

During camp off-leash times in the barn, dogs are separated if they become too rambunctious, Brian said, and Charlie, a mature mellow fellow, “acts as referee.”

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