Grand County basks in beautiful Indian Summer |

Grand County basks in beautiful Indian Summer

Cathy Walton-Smith / View from the LakeGrand Lake, CO Colorado

Now do you remember what Indian Summer is all about? WOW. It just doesn’t get any better than this.If you want to keep complaining about our wet and rainy summer, go ahead. But, I say “get over it” and enjoy this beautiful fall we’re having. It’s perfect for hiking, fishing, picnics and campfires. But, please remember the hunters are out there too. It might be a good idea to wear a bright orange vest and hat and make lots of noise while you’re tromping around – like singing or whistling. Do NOT wear that cap with the antlers on it that Uncle Bob gave you for your birthday.Halloween is just around the corner, and I’m wondering what kinds of costumes are going to reflect these political and economic times. Here is my guess at the top ten costumes this year.1. Barack & Michelle Obama2. Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac3. Rush Limbaugh4. Bernie Madoff5. Paris Hilton6. Sarah Palin7. Rob Blagojevich8. Jon and Kate Plus Eight9. Michael Jackson10. Bail Out Stimulus BillI think I’ll be a pirate.The Daven Haven Lodge and Backstreet Steakhouse will be hosting the murder mystery “Spookum Hills” on Saturday, Oct. 24, from 6-11 p.m. This is the annual fundraising event for Grand County Business Economic Development Association (BEDA). You’ve been invited to the ominous mansion of the rich and eccentric Simon McCobb for his annual Halloween Haunted House. The residence sits atop a hill on the edge of the town of Spookum Hills. The estate includes a grand ballroom, stately dining room, surrounding woods, and a few nightmarish secrets. Before tonight, few people have dared to trespass on the dreadful premises for fear of the haunted domain and the eerie and elusive McCobb family. This event promises to be fun and full of suspense. Tickets are $50 per person, $90 per couple. Lodging specials available at Daven Haven Lodge, call 970-627-8144.There is a lot going on at the Juniper Library these next two weeks. For the elementary school kids, there is a Scary Story Contest. K-5th grade participants will win a spooky prize. Entries are due by this Friday, Oct. 23. Wednesday, Oct. 28, is Movie Night. At 6 p.m. join friends and neighbors for a free showing of The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Betty White. Moms & Tots go Trick or Treating, Friday, October 30, 11-12 noon followed by the Halloween Scary Story Party from 1-3 p.m. If you have “computer issues,” Friday, Oct. 30, 10-11 a.m.,there will be Computer Tutoring at the Juniper Library. Come to a FREE personalized tutoring session with a skilled volunteer. Please call 970-627-8353 to register (preferred), but come anyway even if you didn’t have a chance to sign up. Offered again Mon., Nov. 16.The Merchants of Grand Lake are hosting a Trick or Treat Hunt and costume contest Oct. 31 at 11:30 a.m. at Town Park. There will be candy and prizes. Prizes are still needed, along with donations of “Candy for the Troops.” Call Vickie Johnson at 970-627-3385 for more details.With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, I’m sure there will be many parties at local establishments. If you’re hosting one, please call me at 970-531-3055 or email to be included in this column next week.There are still a few booth spaces available for the 2009 Olde Fashioned Holiday Craft Bazaar on Nov. 27 and 28. Call Barbara at 970-627-3097 to secure your space. Happy Birthday to former Grand Lake Mayor, Gene Stover. It seems that Gene tried to escape any celebration of his 60th by running off to Las Vegas. But a group of 11 Grand Lake locals managed to follow him for a big surprise. What happens in Vegas … makes headlines in Grand Lake.