Grand County Blues Society appreciates community’s support |

Grand County Blues Society appreciates community’s support

To the Editor:

Last week was another typical week of community support by the businesses and individuals for the Grand County Blues Society.

We had a show for Friday at Java Mic Night planned, Dan Treanor Trio was coming from Denver when the pass became very dangerous. The band was afraid to make the drive. So we called Home James and they were coming through Empire and made room for 5 people and equipment. Home James has been helping us with special support for seven years and we need to recognize them.

Thanks, Phil, Jack, Roger. But that was not all, we had to get them back to Empire, and Curt at Valley Taxi sent a van to take them back as well. The band was blown away with the service and caring of these two businesses.

The GCBS is also supported by the Sky-Hi Daily News, KCMV, Channel 17, The Town of Winter Park, Winter Park-Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce and about 30 other businesses in Grand County. We are trying to bring music to the entire valley, through all the schools and libraries and to Smokin’ Moe’s and other venues. We couldn’t do this without all the thoughtful business owners and citizens.

Thanks again for sticking with us and sharing the load. We on the Board of Directors are all volunteers and we want to say thank you. This is our Blue Heaven.

The GCBS Board of Directors

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