Grand County Blues Society to host school assemblies Tuesday |

Grand County Blues Society to host school assemblies Tuesday

The Grand County Blues Society / Blues In The Schools program will be doing four assemblies on Tuesday, May 26 Fraser Learning Center 9:30 to 10:15 a.m., Church of the Eternal Hills Preschool – 11:15 a.m. to noon, Indian Peaks Charter School 1 to 2 p.m. and Grand Kids/Wapiti Preschool – 4 to 4:30 p.m. The Blues In The Schools (BITS) program strives to bring musicians and educators together to assist each other in sparking interest and teaching students about Blues music and its culture. Its an educational enrichment program designed to bring one of our countrys first music forms to the kids, either in classroom settings, after school programs, or community events.In this program, professional blues musicians are invited into schools to conduct classes on the history of the blues, famous blues musicians, different styles of blues, and how to write, sing and perform the blues.Denver blues musician/teacher Dan Treanor will be doing a half and hour to one-hour lecture/performances that covers the origins of blues music from its early beginnings, e.g. field hollers, work songs, etc. to its current popularity. Through song, lecture and discussion, students learn the history of the Blues while hearing instrumental examples played on guitar, harmonicas or other instruments. Basic definitions of Blues music such as, What is the Blues will be reinforced throughout the session. This session is geared toward preschool/elementary school, middle school and high school students or individuals being exposed to blues for the first time. Each session is structured around each age group.Dan Treanor is a veteran blues man who has been entertaining and thrilling audiences for over thirty five years. Ten years ago Dan started the Blues In The Schools program for the Colorado Blues Society. He has presented his unique and entertaining program to over twenty five thousand kids. A few years back Dan started to hand build African string instruments. Originally these instruments were to be used in the Blues In The Schools presentations but they quickly made their way in to Dans live blues show. A new and exciting style of blues began to emerge and blossom into the music Dan makes today. Afro beats, African string instruments, Delta Blues grooves, lots of harp and guitar and soulful vocals. Make sure you check out Treanor at the Blues From The Top Festival June 27 to 28.Why is teaching Music so important? The Saskatoon Blues Society couldnt have said it any better, Music education enables students to interact with sound, simultaneously engaging mind, body, and spirit. Through creating, performing, and listening to music, students experience the ways in which music evokes and conveys thoughts, images, and feelings. Music education makes a valuable and unique contribution to students intellectual growth, and integrates intellectual and emotional development. Shared experiences in music significantly contribute to the development of a healthier society through activities that respect and reflect the diversity of human experiences. Music education enables all learners to explore, create, perceive, and communicate thoughts, images, and feelings through music. These experiences are unique and essential, and make a significant contribution to learners lifelong development as educated citizens.The Grand County Blues Society would like to thank the Grand County Commissioners & the Grand Foundations for granting them funds to help keep this program alive and the blues flame roaring in all ages.