Grand County business: New Bear Dance Spas owners offer luxurious, efficient home spas |

Grand County business: New Bear Dance Spas owners offer luxurious, efficient home spas

Since they took over the helm last July, Bear Dance Spas owners Rex and Jennifer Hastings have been enjoying getting to know Grand County. They could not ask for a better way to do it than by putting people into products that they actually “love” – that deliver so many benefits to residents, their guests and families.

What’s nice about the new owners and their professional staff of spa technicians is that they really try to educate their customers about spa ownership, as well as offering a plethora of high quality products that will soothe your cares and checkbook.

While green is a big theme for many product marketers this year, Rex says “Bear Dance Spas is proud to be associated with a fine company like Hot Spring that has been implementing green programs for years and built their culture around it.” Everything from corporate recycling programs, building products from materials that have reduced environmental impact, energy-efficient spas that use less energy, natural water care alternatives to use less water, and waste minimization and recycling of spa materials.

“In a cold climate like that of Grand County during the winter, energy efficiency and maintenance are key, and this translates into lower cost,” said Mike Szumilas, manager. Local spa dealers agree, customers should look for a spa that is durable and operates well in their environment.

“A lot of our spas can be run at $20 a month or less,” Szumilas said of the Hot Springs spa products the company carries. “Those that opt for a low quality spa can spend up to $80-$100 in energy costs per month.”

“We recommend you look for a manufacturer that has documented third-party data to demonstrate monthly energy costs,” Rex said. Bear Dance Spas also says a regularly used sauna “can be run for as little as $4 to $10 per month.”

To improve spa efficiency a consumer should look for a spa that is completely insulated, with closed-cell polyurethane foam such as that used in the Hot Spring line of spas’ three-level insulation process (not a cheap, low-density open-cell foam). Also, bigger is not always better when it comes to pumps. The bigger the pump, the more energy that is required to run the spa. “A dedicated circulation pump allows constant filtration and uses less energy than a 75-watt light bulb,” Bear Dance Spas says. “These qualities will maintain water temperature and reduce the need for the heater to run which can have a significant impact on operating cost as well.”

When purchasing a spa, Bear Dance Spas advises people to do business with a top brand that has tenure in the spa business. In addition, ask for a full list of disclaimers when it comes to warranties, and consider the implications if problems arise if you decide not to purchase locally.

Other big trends in spas these days are low maintenance and less chemicals. One way to achieve this is by using an alternative-wood cabinet, which delivers low maintenance and high durability to real wood that would require more maintenance. Other components Bear Dance Spas recommends include continuous filtration and a corona discharge cell ozonator, both of which improve water quality and reduce chemical requirements. Bear Dance Spas believes strongly that clean, properly balanced water is key to an enjoyable spa experience and longevity of spa life. As such, they offer a free computer water analysis to help anyone make sure they are getting to the optimum water condition.

An important consideration when shopping for a spa is the spacing and placement of the spa at your residence. Bear Dance cautions that while many homes and condos are marketed as “spa ready,” sometimes changes are required to comply with county electrical codes. “Be particularly careful that lights, switches, electrical outlets and the disconnect breakers are an adequate distance from the spa.

Other considerations often overlooked by spa purchasers are to plan ample room for the cover, lifter and steps; whether or not a base or platform is needed, and if a deck can support a proposed spa and bathers (a spa with 500 gallons of water and six adult bathers can weigh up to 4,000 pounds). Bear Dance Spas frequently meets with customers (a “backyard consultation”) either pre- or post sale to eliminate surprises and ensure a smooth spa purchasing and installation process.

When in doubt, at any step of the process, customers should not shy away from asking for the help of experts ” electricians, building contractors, and guys like Rex, Szumilas or Tim Nicklas at Bear Dance Spas. After all, spa products are made to help people relax and shopping for them should not be a stressful process.

Whether enjoying tranquility, the calming bubbling hot water of a spa or the intense cleansing heat of a sauna, users feel good and relish the benefits. Common health benefits range from soothing muscle pain, increasing circulation, eliminating toxins, relieving congestion, relieving arthritic pain, and promoting better sleep, relaxation, restoration and renewal.

Indoors or outdoors ” spa products are versatile; any flat surface area can be a prime spot. They can be built into an overall backyard design such as set-in sunken decks or with stone (or simulated stone) siding, inside a gazebo or with bar attached to the spa. Likewise, saunas can be custom built for most any style or space, indoor or outdoor, for a couple of users or many. Prefab sauna kits start at a cost of around $4,000 (including heater and controls). As you can see the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

With the vast Hot Spring product line customers are virtually assured that Bear Dance Spas has a make and model to suit every type of consumer. If they don’t have that perfect Hot Springs Spa or Finnleo Sauna item in the showroom or current inventory, it most likely can be delivered in a short period of time. While inventory is constantly in transition, the showroom generally has many spas for view. Or if people are so inclined and want to experience the benefits of a spa before purchasing, Rex and Bear Dance Spas will be happy to arrange for your own personal “wet test.”

Information about products or services including chemical maintenance programs is available at the showroom, on the Web site or through a scheduled consultation. Information packets highlighting product attributes and features such as jets, heaters, pumps, filtration, ozone and control systems ” to accessories like covers, light and music systems, automatic chemical systems, and water features are also available.

Someone at Bear Dance Spas is in the showroom 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, or by appointment, with a goal to ensure customers have a pleasant purchasing experience with a product that will relax, restore and renew for many years to come. For more information call Bear Dance Spas at (970) 726-4200, visit, or just drop by 325 Zerex (U.S. Highway 40 and Eisenhower) in Fraser.