Grand County Council on Aging seeks community support |

Grand County Council on Aging seeks community support

To the Editor:

Grand County is a great place to live. Many of us hope that we will never have to move away. This is true for our senior citizens as well.

But remaining in their homes and continuing to live in Grand County is not always the easiest thing for our seniors to do. Transportation, shopping, or just “getting out” to be with friends often needs a helping hand.

The Grand County Council on Aging (GCCA) is a nonprofit organization established by a group of Grand County seniors in 1972 to assist Grand County seniors and disabled persons maintain their independence by giving a helping hand where needed.

The Council maintains a fleet of six vehicles, purchased through the years with funding from grants and private contributors. Transportation services are provided to medical appointments, nutrition centers, senior potlucks, YMCA water aerobics, shopping, and recreational activities such as sleigh rides, theater trips and elk viewing.

GCCA also offers the following services: tax preparation, Medicare counseling, senior chair aerobics, caregiver support groups, 55 alive classes, ask-a-lawyer day, healthier living classes, ensure nutritional program and a monthly newsletter.

Over the years, GCCA’s programs and services have been funded by financial assistance from the county and local town boards, state and federal funds, grants, and voluntary client contributions. Funding continues to be a challenge, especially with the increased costs for operating our fleet of vans and buses, along with the programming we provide.

Last year we reached out to the community seeking support for the GCCA and its programs for the senior and disabled residents of Grand County. Letters were sent out to all those living in Grand County telling of our programs and asking that consideration be given to help support those programs with modest contributions. We were very grateful for the response we received from many in response to our letters.

This year, letters have again gone out to residents of the county asking for support for our senior and disabled neighbors, knowing that sometimes just a little help will make the difference in allowing them to maintain that independence which we all cherish and to continue to enjoy the quality of life that is ours in Grand County.

Contributions, which are tax deductible, can be sent to the Grand County Council on Aging, PO Box 42, Granby, CO 80446. Your support will be very much appreciated.

Dr. Robert A. Bielenberg

President, Grand County Council on Aging