Grand County Democratic Party thrilled with voter interest, support |

Grand County Democratic Party thrilled with voter interest, support

To the Editor …

… and to our friends and neighbors throughout Grand County:

Over the past year, the Grand County Democratic Party has been blessed with a wellspring of voter interest, and action. First, in February, our precinct caucuses were packed with more than three hundred voters. Even with that great turnout, we didn’t expect the enthusiasm and efforts from so many wonderful volunteers that followed.

People who had thought about getting involved took the leap. Volunteers registered voters, called and visited neighbors and friends, hosted fundraising events, cooked food for other volunteers, and helped in many other ways. Finally, on Election Day, more than 100 people volunteered throughout Grand County to help get out the vote.

Many organizations helped us along the way. Forward Colorado, Campaign For Change, Democracy for America, and Democracy for Colorado helped us learn what it takes to create a grassroots movement. The State Party provided ongoing support and encouragement. Middle Park High School hosted a great debate that helped all of us learn more about the candidates.

Your newspaper provided an open forum where we could share our views through letters to the editor and invited articles and through ads for candidates and events.

To all of you whose efforts exceeded our wildest expectations, we say THANK YOU.

Grand County Democratic Party Officers

Clint Roberts, Gail Brooks, Jane Mather, Cheri Lewis and John Dolan.