Grand County EMS gets more critical |

Grand County EMS gets more critical

Emergency medical patients in Grand County needing an extremely high level of critical care are often taken to Denver in a helicopter.

This process works well during the short Grand County summers, but during much of the year Grand County experiences tumultuous weather patterns, making it difficult for critical care helicopters to fly.

Grand County EMS recognized this situation years ago and began training paramedics to the critical care level. This allows for extremely ill patients to receive the highest level of care possible while traveling to Denver in snowstorms, whiteouts and turbulent weather.

Billy Hanley and Brandon Dozier, two senior paramedics with Grand County EMS, recently returned from a critical care transport training program for paramedics at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. The two medics were members of an elite class of roughly 30 people from around the country attending the class.

The three-week intensive class included clinical rotations at the medical center’s shock and trauma unit as well as with its critical care flight program.

Hanley is a leading member of the Grand County EMS Mountain Medical Response Team and Dozier helps train and run the internal field instruction program for employees who are interested in backcountry resuce.

These two paramedics will now bring their advanced training home to Grand County where they will enhance the care provided to all of the patients they encounter.

With the advanced addition of Hanley and Dozier, Grand County EMS now has more than eight critical-care-trained paramedics.

This certification far exceeds the state and national standards for paramedic training and provides the absolute highest quality of care possible for all the residents and visitors of Grand County.