Grand County fortunate to have dedicated, selfless volunteers |

Grand County fortunate to have dedicated, selfless volunteers

To the Editor:

Our community is fortunate to have folks like Larry Norman and Gary McGraw. They are showing kids and adults the personal satisfaction of giving without expecting anything in return but a better place for us all to live.

As the economy slides downhill and many services that used to be provided by the government are cut, it’s becoming more urgent for all of us to give from the heart ” to help just because it needs to be done.

I urge all Grand County residents to examine the volunteer opportunities here and find some (or even one) that fits your interests and schedule.

For those who cherish the outdoors and use our trails, campgrounds and public accesses, consider giving up one day, Sept. 27, to improve public lands. To sign up for or donate to National Public Lands Day, call 887-4100 for more information.

It’s fun to hook up with other outdoor-loving folks, roll up the sleeves and build trails, plant trees and erect fences.

The best way to thank Larry and Gary is to emulate them.

Cindy Kleh