Grand County fundraising drive for KUNC antenna reaches 41 percent with July 18 deadline |

Grand County fundraising drive for KUNC antenna reaches 41 percent with July 18 deadline

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News

Radio listeners are nearly halfway to their goal of returning National Public Radio to Grand County.

But fundraising is closing in with slightly more than a month to secure remaining dollars.

In the latest update for the KUNC National Public Radio broadcast tower, KUNC Development Director Nancy D’Albergaria announced Grand County is 41 percent toward a $42,900 goal.

“We have received $17,666.50 to date,” D’Albergaria announced in a mass e-mail to local KUNC members. “In order to complete this project, we need to reach our goal by July 18.”

KUNC has selected SolVista as the site for its antenna and is working on the FCC translator license application.

The SolVista site was chosen for access, existing infrastructure and its coverage, according to D’Abergaria.

The tower would reach a listening audience as far as the Grand Lake area to the north and Winter Park to the south. But whether a SolVista transmitter would reach past Hot Sulphur Springs to Kremmling to the west ” although a possibility ” is still an unknown because of geographic restrictions.

Kremmling’s chance at reception is two-fold with plans for Summit County’s KUNC service.

“The stuff we’re doing in Summit county will probably have more impact on Kremmling than what we’re doing in Grand County,” D’Abergaria said.

The public radio station, operated by Community Radio for Northern Colorado Inc., is a Colorado nonprofit.

Grand County national public radio listeners lost the radio signal to KUNC’s programming when the station moved its transmitter last July in an effort to provide better reception to Front Range and West Slope listeners. The fact that Grand County radios were picking up the former FM signal was considered a fluke since there is no direct line of sight from Greeley to Middle Park. It was thought the signal bounced off a mountain to find its way to Grand County.

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