Grand County Jail Log |

Grand County Jail Log

As of Tuesday, the Grand County Jail in Hot Sulphur Springs was holding 43 inmates, 13 more than two weeks prior. Those booked into the jail over the past two weeks, the charges filed against them and the dates of their bookings include:

Kevin L. Andersen, 41, of Grand Lake, 2nd degree tampering, July 13;

Josh T. Kinzer, 29, of Winter Park, failure to comply – no insurance, July 13;

Shane A. Plaster, 25, of Fort Collins, failure to appear – overtaking a school bus, July 14;

Christopher Bigler, 19, of Tabernash, failure to comply – failure to serve jail time, July 14;

Glenn A. McMinn, 42, of Aurora, driving while ability impaired, July 14, Mittimus;

Jesus J. Diaz, 31, of Commerce City, driving under restraint, speeding, July 14;

Natalie P. Hatch, 41, of Colorado Springs, failure to comply (three counts) – assaulting a police officer, driving under the influence, driving under restraint, July 15;

Scott C. Murphy, 42, of Littleton, driving under restraint, July 15;

James M. Smith, 33, of Aurora, fugitive of justice – writ, July 15;

Mark J. Seetram, 45, of Englewood, failure to comply – failure to serve jail time, July 16;

Ronald N. LaRoche, 45, of Bailey, probation violation, July 16;

John P. Maes, 21, of La Junta, illegal possession of liquor, July 17, Mittimus;

John W. Prugh, 38, of Englewood, driving under restraint, July 17, Mittimus;

Timothy W. Hogg, 40, of Fraser, 3rd degree assault, July 18;

Kimberly A. Stingley, 37, of Northglen, fugitive of justice – failure to appear/Weld County, July 18;

Angelina Bogaeva, 55, of Winter Park, driving under restraint, July 18;

Alisa C. Tork, 48, of Grand Lake, dangerous drugs – bond revocation, July 20;

Jody M. Roadway, 37, of Granby, driving under the influence, driving under restraint, July 20, Mittimus;

Richard P. Fore, 26, of Winter Park, failure to appear – criminal mischief, July 21;

Sheps H. Khamsahu, 36, of Denver, 3rd degree assault, July 21;

Robert L. Faxon, 78, of Livingston, Texas, fugitive of justice – Denver, July 21;

Julie C. Skaggs, 40, Cottonwood Pass, violation of bail bonds, July 21;

Keir A. Grosse-Rhode, 21, of Fraser, driving under restraint, 2nd degree motor vehicle theft, driving under suspension, attempt to elude, July 22;

Matthew P. Graham, 35, of Homewood, Ill., failure to comply with probation, driving under the influence, speeding 10-19 mph over the limit, July 22;

Todd Carney, 38, of Grand Lake, criminal mischief, July 22;

Amy K. Reynolds, 33, of Steamboat Springs, driving under the influence, July 23, Mittimus;

Claudio Hernandez-Barrios, 18, of Dillon, fugitive of justice – failure to appear/Summit County, July 24;

Stephanie K. Hoffman, 27, of Evans, failure to appear – Weld County, July 24;

Michael A. Barraza, 36, of Lakewood, harassment, possession of drug paraphernalia, July 25;

Daniel J. Hutzley, 27, of Granby, 1st degree aggravated motor vehicle theft, false reporting, careless driving, no valid driver’s license, failure to report accident, July 25;

Cherie E. Oertel, 20, of Grand Lake, theft from yards, 3rd degree criminal trespassing, July 25;

Victor W. Thurston, 29, of Granby, driving under the influence, weaving, failure to turn from turn-only lane, July 26;

Crystal Giron, 19, of Denver, driving under the influence, DUI per se, violated license restrictions, open container, speeding, illegal possession/consumption of alcohol, July 26;

Andre A. Brown, 37, of Aurora, 3rd degree assault, false reporting, July 26.

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