Grand County Jail log – Sept. 1 |

Grand County Jail log – Sept. 1

As of Monday, the Grand County Jail in Hot Sulphur Springs was holding 39 inmates, one fewer than the week before. Those booked into the jail over the past week, the charges filed against them and the dates of their bookings include:

Jason V. Rozinek, 29, of Grand Lake, driving under the influence, Aug. 24, Mittimus;

Donald R. Mitchell, 55, of Brush, driving under restraint – alcohol-related, Aug. 25;

Raymond A. Huerta, 58, of Denver, probation violation, Aug. 26;

Gary E. Graham, 59, of Grand Lake, 3rd degree assault, Aug. 27;

Jarin D. King, 28, of Fort Collins, failure to appear – failure to pay child support, Aug. 28;

Kristine Laine, 44, of Granby, felony menacing, 3rd degree assault, Aug. 28;

Hugh O. McDonough, 18, of Hot Sulphur Springs, violation of bail bonds (two counts), Aug. 28;

Douglas A. Dawson, 34, of Fraser, driving under the influence, no proof of insurance, careless driving, Aug. 28;

Nicholas G. Stocker, 26, of Denver, driving under restraint, weaving, Aug. 29;

Lawrence A. Crespin, 30, of Denver, aggravated motor vehicle theft, Aug. 29;

David D. Bosley, 42, of Wheat Ridge, felony menacing, Aug. 29;

Gregory D. Householter, 47, of Federal Heights, vehicular eluding, driving under the influence, hit and run, resisting arrest, no proof of insurance, driving under restraint – alcohol-related, reckless driving, speeding, weaving, failure to obey a traffic signal, open container, driving without a seat belt, Aug. 30;

Marie B. Valdez, 20, of Granby, driving under the influence, speeding 10-19 mph over the limit, illegal possession/consumption of alcohol, Aug. 30;

Vanessa A. Maddux, 26, of Granby, 3rd degree assault, criminal mischief, Aug. 30;

Christopher Gilmore, 20, of Denver, fugitive of justice – failure to appear (two counts), Aug. 30;

Raul E. Chavez, 50, of Westminster, habitual traffic offender, failure to present proof of insurance, speeding, Aug. 31.