Grand County KUNC listeners to be rewarded with local tower |

Grand County KUNC listeners to be rewarded with local tower

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News

Byron Hetzler/Sky-Hi Daily News

Devout National Public Radio listeners are skipping a step with a Click and a Clack, learning KUNC programming will once again return to their radios.

A successful fundraising campaign raised about $43,000 to locate a KUNC signal tower at Granby Ranch’s SolVista Ski Basin.

“I am so excited I’m walking on air,” said KUNC Community Advisory Board member Will Arduino of Granby. “It’s such a treat to have it available on the radio, instead of streaming it,” he said.

Momentum increased after an anonymous $10,000 donation, then an individual $1,300 matching grant was matched in two days. “A couple of other folks stepped up to the plate” as well, Arduino said.

At this stage of the negotiations, according to Granby Ranch, the development intends to sponsor the signal by granting the radio transmitter site free of charge. Granby Ranch also donated $1,000 to the fundraising campaign.

“We expect to be on the air at 91.7 FM by mid-September,” said KUNC Development Director Nancy D’Albergaria.

The station has applied for its transmitter license with the FCC and is working on the final contract with SolVista, she said.

To celebrate the success of returning public radio to the high country, a party is scheduled from 6 to 8 p.m. Aug. 7 at Grand Mountain Bank in Granby.

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