Grand County libraries: Happy Mother’s Day from the library |

Grand County libraries: Happy Mother’s Day from the library

Edie Strate
Juniper Library

M is for the many types of items available through the Grand County Library District:

O is for the online resources offered.

T is for the toddler and preschool story times.

H is for the hot, new titles on the shelves.

E is for the educational books and DVDs for moms and children of all ages.

R is for the relaxation you’ll feel when you listen to a CD or read your favorite author.

Put them all together and you spell MOTHER ” someone who needs and uses the many resources at the Grand County Library District.

Mothers come in all varieties and ages. We all know young mothers and old ones, those overwhelmed with a new baby or challenged by a special needs child. We know women who hold down a job, hold together a house, and hold a son or daughter. Here are some of the things that can help them and so many others.

Find parenting and child development information in the non-fiction sections, 649 and 305. For expectant moms, the libraries have a wonderful selection of books and DVDs on baby names, prenatal care, exercise, and preparing for the big day.

For mothers interested in teaching their children sign language, the Kremmling Library has a program called “Moms and Tots: Baby Sign Language.

“(It’s) a wonderful program at the Kremmling Library specifically for moms and their children,” said Lauren Dilts, the youth services librarian at Kremmling Library. “Moms are taught simple sign language that is beneficial for their infants to use to communicate before they can speak.”

One of the young mothers, Jeannie Brenner, has been coming to this program since her son Oden was very young. He is now almost three years old and often uses his signs along with speaking. He now has a 10-month-old sister Ashlynn, who is already starting to use simple signs.

“I love everything about the Moms and Tots Group,” Brenner said. “My son has been going so long that everyone who walks in the library is his friend.”

Juniper Library patron Tatyana Ludwig brings her 10-month-old daughter Natalia to the toddler/preschool story time. Even though Natalia is young, Tatyana enjoys socializing: sharing, clapping and waving at other babies. The mother and daughter even come to the guitar lessons for older kids, where they get comfy on a blanket and enjoy a musical outing.

“I think we underestimated the social factor in the pre-school library hour,” said Stephanie Ralph, public services coordinator for the Grand County Library District. “Some of my best friends in the valley are moms I met at the Hot Sulphur Springs pre-school story hour.”

Libraries also have resources for moms of older children, such as books on teaching a child to read, dealing with spirited children, talking to teens, choosing a college and finding scholarships to help pay for it. There are also audio CDs to listen to in the car for the whole family to enjoy.

Of course, once the kids are grown, many moms also help with their own mothers, who are aging and needing diverse types of support. Hot Sulphur Springs Library has “If You’ve Raised Kids, You Can Manage Anything,” by Ann Crittendon, and “Caring for Your Aging Parent,” by Gene B. Williams.

GCLD has something for every mother of every age, not just in her role as mother, but as an individual woman with interests and needs of her own. Visit your favorite Grand County Library. Find “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul”. Listen to music CDs and kick up your heels. Fraser Valley Library has a terrific collection of world music called “Putumayo Presents” CDs. Or check out a good mystery or romance by your favorite author, light a candle (sorry-not available at the library) and take some time for yourself. You deserve it.