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Grand County Library District 25th Annual Scary Story Contest

Grand County, CO Colorado

Grand County Library District 25th Annual Scary Story ContestGranby Library (First Place Winners Only- 6 Stories)First Place Kindergarten”Scary Moon Adventure” by Cruze HansonThere was an astronaut named Wild Willy. He had a nice puppy named Rocket Shy. One day they went in a rocket ship to the moon. When they got to the moon there were scary ghosts that had sharp pitch forks with poison tips. Wild Willy knew karate, so he used that on the ghosts. Then, they saw scary witches with whips riding horses. Wild Willy got away by throwing moon rocks. Then they saw a floating bear. Rocket Shy got on his floating suit and scared the bear away. Finally they made it back to the rocket ship and flew home. Then they had some pumpkin seeds and hot chocolate. The EndFirst Place First Grade(Untitled) by Hope JohnsonOnce there was three friends, Hope, Kylie and Ali. The leaves were starting to fall and the girls new Halloween would be hers soon. So they decided to find the scariest house in town. They found a house outside of town by a lake. When they got to the house they heard splashing and screaming and the house was dark when they knocked on one answered. So they looked in the upstairs window and saw a mommy ghost who was crying. They got scared and ran to the boat dock to get away from the house. Then they heard the splashing and screaming again when they looked at the lake they could see two ghost children who were drowning. They ran back up to the house and the mommy ghost opened the door and said “please save my children! The girls were so scared they ran home and never trick or treated again. The endFirst Place Second Grade”Henry and the Valuable Giant Ruby” by Caden HansonOnce there was a scientist named Henry. He lived east of Washington, D.C. In 1980 on October 1st he discovered there was a 1,000 year old ruby that was lost. He needed it because he only had $301.01. Henry needed help. Henry did not worry because he had 5 friends. Two of them were archeologists. One of them was a geologist. Two of them were explorers. They all had to go to Antarctica to get the first part of the ruby. Henry and his friends flew to Antarctica on a jet. There were 200 penguins so it was hard to find the first part of the ruby. Then a beluga whale scared the penguins away but made an iceberg with its dorsal fin. And the iceberg had the first part of the ruby on it. So they had to go into the freezing water and wait until it fell into the water to catch it. Since the water was cold they stayed the night there with a campfire. Before they left the beluga whale tried to kill them but Henry threw a sharp piece of glass and ice. The beluga whale died. Then they left to Brazil to get the second, third, and fourth pieces that go to the ruby. When they go to Brazil they had to explore the Amazon River to get the second piece. On the way there Henry saw a golden poison dart frog. He warned his “Henry and the Valuable Giant Ruby” by Caden Hanson (continued…)friends about the frog. Since the frog got so made he tried to use his poison to kill them. They got away in time. They kept on going. When they were half way there they saw a black widow spider. It made a wave as big as a small refrigerator. The spider tried to hit them with his juicy venom. The spider missed but scared them good. When they got to the river it looked dangerous to Henry. They got a rowboat for $10. By the time they got back, it was dinnertime, so they ate dinner. A bug tried to eat some of it but Henry killed it with his hand. At the end of dinner they went on the rowboat and went onto the water. They fought leeches to get the second, third, and fourth parts of the ruby. Then they went to Japan. In Japan they went to Tokyo to get the fifth part of the ruby. On their way to the festival they saw a tarantula. It tried to spit its venom at Henry but it missed. Henry scared the tarantula away. Then Henry and his friends went on a Nakajima K1-27 plane. When they landed in Kobe Japan they fought a great white shark and a snapping crab. Then they put the ruby together. It was a ruby staph! Then they had a Thanksgiving problem. We’ll do that later. The End.First Place Third Grade: “Halloween Hound Part 2” by Serena StuartOnce upon a time there was a grey dog and a 50 year-old man. They lived in a haunted house at the end of a long road in Greeley. No one ever went to this house especially on Halloween.But one Halloween night four puppies and four kids went walking down the road of terror that led to this haunted house.The four puppies that had entered this haunted house were turned into statues 300 years ago. Skip was the puppy that was the last one to get captured. Skip was remembered in the town because he protected his family. Everyone knew Skip because he used to walk around town to get treats.The four Golden Retriever Puppies entered the haunted, creepy house. Suddenly, B Dog got turned into a statue! The other three puppies got scared and tried to run away. Rosy and Butterball turned into statues! Riley ran away to his owner. “Woof! Woof! Woof!” Barked Riley.Bryce said, “The puppies are trouble! Take me to the creepy place!” Riley led Bryce and his friends through the spider-webbed woods to the Haunted House.The Halloween Hound came out of his creepy, mice-filled room. Riley was turned into a statue. Bryce and his friends ran away to their house and told their parents. The parents called the police. The police went to the Haunted House with their K9 dogs. The K9 dogs got turned into statues. Suddenly, the Halloween Hound and the 50 year-old-man swirled around in smoke that looked like a tornado, and they disappeared into the mirror. This broke the spell, and all of the puppies were free!The Halloween Hound Part 3 will come out in October 2013….First Place Fourth Grade: “Darkness of the Flufflewumps” by Tristan CongerOne day, deep in Colorado in a large woods there was a small camp called Camp Fun. Which really wasn’t fun at all, it’s dreading. I’m Roger, I have a twin Jony. My older brother Caleb went to Camp Fun with his best friend last year. He came back but without his best friend. He told me it was horrible. I was heading out tomorrow when we got there Jony and I had to walk through the dark woods. In the middle of the woods I heard a noise. I turned around, “blam!” I saw it, it was a terrifying thing. I thought of the word flufflewump. That’s what I call it. I turned around Jony wasn’t there. I ran down the woods yelling “Jony! Jony!” I couldn’t find her. She was gone. When I finally got to camp the tents were old and nasty. One of them had green goo dripping down it. I saw Jony. I went sprinting towards her. She said “Rodger where are you! Looking for you . Where are you.” I saw a huge terrifying thing. After that I went running into the woods. I saw one too. Lets go check out those tents. In the firs one there was nothing. Same with all of the rest. Except one. It wasn’t the one with green goo apparently. We looked in it, there was a flufflewamp. It had cherry red eyes. We turned to run, but they surrounded us. There were human size mosquitoes and blood sucking bats. We were trapped. Jony saw a small log cabin. We sprinted to it. I opened the door slowly and it made a soft crickiling sound. A skeleton poped out at us. I screamed, “Ahhh!” Jony looked closer she said it was fake. I said, “what” in a weird voice. Jony took another step in the cabin, “Pop!” she fell strait down. The flufflewumps, mosquitoes, and bats cam barging in. I jumped down the hole Jony fell down. There was a huge flufflewump down there. It must’ve eaten Jony because she wasn’t down there. I was stuck down there. I’ dyeing of hunger and thirst I’m dead. The endFirst Place Fifth Grade: “A Creek in the Stairs” by Gabe LobergColin Lowry lay in bed on a freezing Halloween night when he heard a creek in the stairs. Creek, creek, creeeeek! Colin sat up, a terrifying thought in the back of his head telling him it was a werewolf or zombie that made the noise.There’s no such thing as werewolfs. No such thing as zombies. There’s never been such creatures, and there never will be, thought Colin.Creeeek! Now Colin was freaked out. His eyes snapped open and his heart was pounding. Creeeeek! Colin couldn’t take it. He jumped out of bed and scurried to the top of the stairs to see what the sound was. He stepped down onto the first step. No sound. The same result on the next step, and the step after that. He expected the same result on the fourth step, so he hopped down. His feet never landed on the wooden step.”Aaaa-hhh!” Colin shrieked in a cry of horror. When he finally, barely collected his senses, he realized he was falling. He was falling in a world of blackness, and he couldn’t see the ground, or floor, or whatever was beneath him. Colin began to panic. He screamed and panicked, and screamed some more. Whoosh! Something white sailed past him, and a second later he heard it smack the ground.”Aaaaaaaa-hhhh!” Colin shreaked. It was an awful shriek, something so very worthy to make Dracula cry like a baby. He braced himself for the impact…smack! Ooh, what an awful sound, that bone shattering sound. Colin staggered to his feet, but only finding a couple of bruises here and there. He looked down and realized that the white thing was a skeleton. Colinsaw, oddly, that the arms were laying apart from the body, and the shoulder sockets were giving out freezing air.Then it hit him. He was in the Timeless Trap. Colin knew from watching horror movies. Colin knew that the freezing air would eventually freeze him to death, and he would rot in this place, just like the skeleton laying next to him. Colin screamed and screamed cries of bloody murder. Such painful, horrifying screams.Jack Landry sat up in be because he heard an almost screaming sound coming from his stairs. “Aaaaa-hh!” (Gabe attached a picture of Jack falling down a deep, dark tunnel…)Kremmling Library 25th Annual Scary Story Winners (15 Stories)1st Place Kindergarten: “Two Friends” by Luci Bruchez Once there was a black and white dog and a calico kitty and they were friends. They would play with each other all the time at the park.One Halloween day the two friends were excited to go trick or treating at the school. At the school they had to line up and pick a partner and the kitty got to pick. She picked her friend the dog and they went back to their spooky house.When they got to their spooky house they went to bed. A dragon came and the calico kitty woke up and saw it. She went over and woke up her friend the dog. They looked out the window and saw the dragon and decided to run.When they went outside, the dragon had more dragon friends and they surrounded them. The kitty remembered that her grandma had magical chalk that she borrowed. She quickly drew rain with the magical chalk and it began to rain. The dragons disappeared and the two friends went back to sleep. 1st Place 1st Grade: “The Black Widow” by Grace Wahl Once there was a black widow spider and a ghost that lived in a haunted house. Sometimes kids would go into the house. The black widow promised the ghost if he scared all the kids away the spider would release his spirit. Every night the ghost would scare the kids away. Then one night the ghost did not scare the kids away and the black widow was really mad at the ghost. He vanished into the dark forest never to be seen again. The ghost would remain in the haunted house forever to scare any kids that entered. THE END2nd Place 1st Grade: “Scary Ghosts” by Elisabeth Corcoran Once upon a time there was a cat walking around in a grave yard, hunting for ghosts. He saw five ghosts come out of graves. He got scared and ran away. So the kitty went home and got his owners and went back to the graveyard. There were more ghosts, six now. They started getting mad. The kitty called more cats and the owners called more people. The kitties came and Ten people came. The ghosts started getting really mad and their faces turned red. The ghosts started coming closer. They were getting ready to fight. The kitties hissed and the people called the police. The ghosts’ faces turned purple and orange. Then all the graveyards had ghosts coming out. Soon there were five thousand ghosts floating around!Four police came, then six. The kitties called five more cats. The people started leaving to buy ghost captures. The kitties stayed to keep some people there. The police and people who went to get ghost captures came back. The people turned the captures on and the ghosts started going away. Two ghosts were caught in captures. The rest were going all over town. They got bigger and bigger.Five dogs who lived in town scared the ghosts away into the ghost captures. The people turned the captures off so the ghosts were locked in. The kitties who were in the graveyard started clawing to make sure there were no more ghosts. Three more ghosts came out! The kitties called the dogs to scare the ghosts to the kitties, who clawed them down into the captures. Everyone shouted ‘Yay, Kitties!’ The kitties meowed and shook paws with the dogs. The police thanked the people. The ghost hunting cat saved the whole town! The End!3rd Place 1st Grade: “Haunted School” by Caitlyn Corcoran Once there was a school that was haunted. In the school, the Griffin was the queen. She was half lion and half bird. At the door the thing that was there, was a big puddle of acid. The mummy rose from his tomb. When there were enough monsters, they could rule the world! A huge cat, when it screams, it will do something for the queen. It will grab all the people and give them to the Griffin. The Griffin puts them in jail. In the jail there’s ghosts. The ghosts will call the vampire. When the vampire comes out, he sucks the people’s blood. When the Griffin needed one more monster, it is Halloween Hound! When the Halloween Hound howls, the people turn to stone. When the moon goes down and the sun comes up, the monsters hide in a castle, because the windows in the school let in too much sun! The End! 1st Place 2nd Grade: “The Beast” by Zade Overholt I heard a dang crash thump so I looked a round then I heard a rattle it was comeing from Mr. Hebert’s room. I grabbed my stuff and I scrried down the hall. I hear tiny shrieks. I went in in to Mr. Heberts room. I tried to turn on lights but they wouldn’t work. The only thing I had was a flashlight with a chopped wire. So I ran out and I found some tape. Then I taped the wire together, the flashlight started to work. So I started to creep back to Mr. Heberts room with my light on I quietly opened the door to find… a giant shadow on the wall it looked like a best with steer shaped horns it had 1 arm and 4 legs Ohh no ti is right behind me. So I gulp and turnd a round to find out it was a dog in a best costume I started to laugh I decied to take her trick-or-treating.2nd Place 2nd Grade: “The Halloween Birthday!” by Lexi Mannon It all began when it was my Halloween birthday. My friends, went on a walk in the woods with me. We heard moaning… Then Tessa was missing, then Abigale, then Sage, then Lily, then Morgan and then a little while later everybody was missing! It began to get dark and I was scared! I wanted to turn back but that was where everybody had disappeared, so I went on following the road. I saw a haunted house and I went in it. I heard laughing noises and surprise! It was a surprise birthday! And ever since then I would never go to the haunted house for my birthday again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3rd Place 2nd Grade: “The Robbers” by Logan In my room I saw some thing move on my bed! It was Boo Boo I couldn’t look at his face or I would disappear and never be seen again! So I ran down stairs with my eyes cuvered and I got a pan. As I carried the pan upstairs I opened the door and heard ohoooooooo Wack I hit him and it was Dad! We had to go to the hospital and I think I broke his nose! I felt bad but instead of dad it was a robber dressed like my dad! I was so glad it was not my dad. 1st Place 3rd Grade: “The Bloody Hotel” by Sidney Curran Once upon a time there lived a girl named Amy. She was a blind girl but everyone loved her the same. One day Amy needed a place to stay. Her friend dropped her off right where she wanted to be, the nicest hotel in town. When she walked in the door she heard a greedy laugh, muh ha ha ha! All she thought was that she was hearing things. She was a little nervous. As Amy walked down the hall, little did she know she was passing dead bodies and sleeping vampires.Amy went up to her room. The bed was a vampire’s cape and the vampire was still in it. The bath tub was filled with blood. She went to the living room and tried to set down a glass of water. She didn’t know that the table was made of boody eyeballs. When she set the glass down she heard a crash. She tried to see but she couldn’t because she was blind. When she stood up to go to the pool she stepped on the broken glass and cut her foot. It started gushin blood. Then when the blood touched the floor a verey old spirit rose from the dead. It followed her to the pool. When she got in the bloody pool the spirit turned into a vampire. The vampire sunk to the bottom of the pool. When the vampire saw her foot it yanked her down and killed her with the sharpest knife that the vampire could find, his teeth! The End! 2nd Place 3rd Grade: “Elisibith’s Spooky Halloween” by Emily Osborne One Halloween night there was a girl named Elisisbith going trick or treating. She went to woods because there was someone new living in the old house. She wanted to say hello but when she went into the house something horrible happened! The door shut and every inch of the house was dark and quiet. Elisibith was very frightened. Then came a weird light in the hallway. When Elisibith went to see what the light was, she discovered it was a ghost but not just any ordinary ghost. A mean and scary girl kid ghost that’s only nice to people she likes. When Elisibith introduced herself that ghost said “LEAVE ME ALONE!” The ghost didn’t want to be disturbed. But when the ghost turned around she saw that Elisibith looked like a nice girl, so she said “I’m sorry” because she said something mean.She told Elisibith about a warlock that lived there and told her she should leave because the warlock didn’t like children and that he was going to come back soon. But Elisibith said “NO!” She wanted to explore the mansion some more. When she started to explore the door slammed open! In the doorway was the warlock. When the warlock walked in and saw Elisibith he grabbed her by the wrists and took her up to his chamber and said “you shouldn’t have come here Deary!” He also said to the ghost “take her to the dungeon!”The ghost took her to the dungeon and said “I’m sorry to do this but it’s my orders” and went back upstairs.Later that night when the warlock fell asleep she took the keys and went downstairs and freed Elisibith. She told her to “RUN, RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN” and so she did and never came back. 3rd Place 3rd Grade: “The Shadow Snachers!” by Shiloh Burger Do you ever wonder where your shadow goes at night? Only certain people can see them and I am one of those people. This was the night I saw them. One Halloween after me and my sister went trick or treating, for some reason I could not fall asleep. I heard the door creak, so I got out of bed and I saw something. I knew it could not be a ghost because if it was, I wouldn’t be able to see it so it must be a shadow. So I had no choice but to follow it, and what I found was something no human had ever seen before! It was my shadow. He was heading for the graveyard before I could run to save him something knocked me over, and everything went black! When I woke up in my bed, I didn’t know if I actually saw “The Shadow Snachers!” by Shiloh Burger (continued….)something or if I imagined the whole thing. The next night I heard some one yelling so I looked out my window and I saw my sister! She was being draged away, by the same shadows that drug my shadow away. So I quietely followed them and I saw my shadow locked up in a glass coffin! Then they put a locket with red smoke in it on my sister and it made her eyes turn red! Her hands rose up high in the air, and the graves started to glow. And the spirits stared to rise from the graves. I was so scared I almost fainted. Then I heard moaning in the sky, and I realized they were flying above my head. And then I thought to myself that this was not good! Suddenly they spread some sort of poison in the sky. I looked at my watched and realized that it was morning. It was even worse then I thought! Then my sister sprayed some sort of magic at all the houses but then I thought of a way to save her. I remembered that I had a knife in my pocket, so I took it out and walked up to my sister. I tore it off my sisters neck and stabbed the place were the red smoke was. Sudenly everything went back to normal. We ran all the way home hoping our shadows would be there in the morning.1st Place 4th Grade: “The Good Stuff” by Gracean Hoesli A fall morning mom woke up to a strange noise. It sounded like a scratching noise. She sat up in bed and noticed that nobody was home. She decided to start her day anyway so she went to take a shower. She ignored the scratching and got into the shower. While shampooing her hair, the bathroom went dark! There was a red light glowing. Just as she thought she would get out and look what it was, the water turned to freezing cold and smelled awful! With soap in her hair, she reached for her towel and the lights started to flicker. Mom screamed, “What is going on?” Everything fell quiet. The lights came back on and the smell was gone, freaky enough, the water shut off by itself. The whole house sat quiet. Thinking that she had lost her mind, Mom went back to her room to get dressed. To her surprise, as she opened up the bedroom door, her clothes were laid out on the floor. She didn’t remember laying them out on the floor. But decided that she was getting dressed and leaving.She quickly got dressed and grabbed her cell phone, car keys, and a soda and headed for the front door. As she started towards the front door, she heard the scratching and smelled the nasty odor again. The bathroom glowed red but this time, grey slime came out of the doorway. “I have to get out of here” said Mom.Just as she grabbed the door knob to exit a huge force pushed her down. She fell and hit her head. She felt pain all over her body and at her toes she felt tugging and burning. She tried to lift her head but was tied down. Her head, arms, legs and feet all were being tied down. She screamed again, “What is going on? What is happening?” She heard voices, she smelled fire, she saw nothing, and she felt pain. “Oh my goodness! Am I going to die like this?” She thought. Just as she closed her eyes thinking, “This is it! I’m dying! I am so scared” She felt a cold wet nose on her cheek. Startled, she opened her eyes only to see her corgi dog named sonny. But he was not alone. He was being rode by a vicious king rabbit named Moose. “What in the world?” she thought as they spoke.The food you have given us is not good enough! We want the good stuff. We demand you to be our servant and we will not tell anyone that you sing in the shower when home alone. “Bring us the good stuff, bring us the good stuff, bring us the good stuff,” they chanted.Mom rolled over just in time to wake up to Sonny Dog staring at her with his bowl at the bottom of her bed. She hopped out of bed and drove to the pet store for the good stuff.2nd Place 4th Grade: “One Dark Stormy Night” by Cirenda Cordova It was 9:00 pm just before bed. My mom asked me to take out the trash. As I was taking the trash to the dumpster I head a BANG! And there it was a large wirey haired creature. I let out a blood curdling SCREAM!!! The creature ran across the railroad tracks and I ran home.So I went to bed. I fell asleep, wondering what that creature was. Was it a dog, cat, skunk, raccoon or….? After I had fallen asleep I was suddenly awakened to scratching noise at the door. Then I got up and opened the front door. But there was nothing there, except I could hear clicking noises going down the sidewalk. I crawled back into my warm bed. Only to be awakened hours later to the sound of crying. I once again got out of bed to see what was making the curious noise. And again nothing was there at the door. This time when I went back to bed I turned on my radio for calming music, Taylor Swift of course. When the sun came up the next morning I went on a walk to see if I could discover what was making all those crazy noises last night. As I was walking the bushes started rattling and all of a sudden the creature was there and growling and showing his nasty yellow teeth. So I crouched down at his level and he stopped growling and came over to me wagging his tail. To my surprise it was just a large stray dog that was filled full of cock-a-burrs all over his hair. He was just looking for a nice loving family.1st Place 5th Grade: “When I Was Still Human” by Joe SwansonWe went camping last summer to an area we had never been to before. We had our dog with us, and when we went fishing he would chase the fish on the bank and play in the water.That night we were laying in our tent when we heard the dog barking loudly like something was out there. We jumped out of the tent and the dog had ran after something. We chased him for about 5 minutes and didn’t hear him anymore. We tried to find him that night and the next morning but couldn’t find him and gave up.We put a paper out with his picture and our information on it and someone called us about a year later saying they had found a dog skull with some hair on it and thought maybe it might be our dog. Sure enough, it was. It had two teeth marks in the top of the skull. One of the old legends is that Bigfoot lived in the forest. We thought, could this be Bigfoot? Just then we heard a loud roar. Then we turned around and there it was. Scared to death we started running. It followed us down the mountain and we had to stop because we couldn’t breathe. We looked up and couldn’t see him anymore. So, we turned around and started down the mountain again and ran into a smell that we had never witnessed before. It smelled so bad it stopped us dead in our tracks. We noticed that he had friends that were all around us. There was a vine that was above us and they all ran at us as we climbed up. They all ran into each other trying to get us. They all piled up and were heavily injured. We thought we were safe for now, until we looked below and there he stood. Bigfoot. The ones that were below us were its children. He became very angry and started to come up the tree at us. We cut the vine and hit the ground right in the middle of his children. As he jumped out “When I Was Still Human” by Joe Swanson (continued…)of the tree we hit him with a rock on the head and thought we killed him. We tied him up with the vine and headed for help.When we returned there was no sign of the bigfoot or his children. No marks, no hair, but still the scent of them. I dug into my backpack to show the DOW my dog skull, when out jumped a small bigfoot and ate the DOW officer. It then turned around and bit me. I punched it in the face knocking it out. Then I felt a slight twitch in my arm and felt funny. I was growing thick brown hair and started to growl somewhat like a dog. Then everyone around me smelt good and looked tasty. So I ate them all.Then the bigfoot that we tied up came back and drug me to his cave. When I woke up I was in a cave all by myself and covered in blood. I decided to write about what happened so I wouldn’t forgot who I was.I don’t like the taste of dogs anymore but love the taste of humans. Hope some of you come out camping soon. I’m hungry!2nd Place 5th Grade: “You Can’t Run” by Maya Ramirez “Mom wears my wig!” screamed Sierra.”I don’t know look under your bed!”Sierra quickly fell on the ground, looked under her bed and yanked out a blonde wig. She threw it on, when she heard a honk outside. Sierra ran outside and jumped in the car.”Hey Heather, thanks for picking me up for the dance tonight.””No problem. Love your Wonder Woman costume!””Thanks I like your dark chocolate candy bar.””Thanks” Heather said as she started the car and drove off.At around 9:15 Heather and Sierra arrived at their school for the dance. They jumped out of the car and walked inside. By the time they got to the gym 200 people were there. Sierra met with her date Jackson and they started dancing to “Thriller.” In the middle of the next song every single light went out. A sharp scream of 2 filled the room. The lights flashed back on and the floor was full of blood and a mask of the Grinch was on the floor with the scrach of a bear across the cheek. Everybody ran for the doors. They were locked from the outside. Soon the lights went out again this time only 5 people didn’t scream. The lights came back on and soon blood went around the anckles of the five remaining children. Those left were Sierra, Alison, Meghan, Brittany, and Kassidy. After 45 minutes of freaking out the lights flickered in a flash of dark then light all the kids appeared again right in front of the five survivors dressed in all black. After the lights finished flickering Heather slowly walked up to Sierra and said.”So Sierra how’s the dance.””Creepy.””You Can’t Run” by Maya Ramirez (continued…)”Yes so… you need to come with us sacrifice yourself. After we kill you the pain will go away and the only thing you will feel from now on is cold skin, and no heartbeat.””What?””Are you stupid! We’re dead! Plus if you don’t do as we say and coopurate you will also feel hunger because you must feed.”Heather flew on top of Sierra and 4 others did as well. They pined them down. “Redy for the pain to pump through your veins.” It won’t leave until you feed on your first. Sierra struggled to get away as the others. Soon Heather leaned down slowly… and bit. Sierra screemed in pain as the others grabbed their necks. Soon their chests began to pump up and down as if they were trying to get up but couldn’t move from the waist down. After a minuite it was silent the 5 children layed on the floor. They pounced open their eyes in the color of blood. They flew up with an angry look.”Let’s hit my house my mom and dad are having their party. Don’t worry we invited ourselfs.All of the children walked to the doors, broke them down and disappeared into the darkness into the night.To Be Continued…..3rd Place 5th Grade: “The Deep Dark Alley” by Isabelle Eggers One scary Halloween night I was going trick or treating and I walked up to the house at the end of the street. It was dark and very creepey. When I went up I reliesed that there was no handle on the door.It had been 1 hour since I knocked and I started to walk away when I heard a loud scream from inside the house and that was when I started to run down the street frightened. Then I felt something on my shoulder and I looked, “Gasp” it was something stalking me.Then I ran even faster. Getting even more scared I stoped, for no reason. I just stopped in my tracks. I reliesed that I had left the guy way behind I jumped in my dad’s truck and we drove off w/ 20 pounds of candy.Grand County Library District 25th Annual Scary Story ContestFraser Valley Library (12 Winners)First Place Kindergarten winner: Will Solomon”The Camper’s Night!”Back about 100 years ago, Jack and Sammy went camping at Columbine Lake. They carried everything they own in their backpacks, but for some reason, they didn’t have a flashlight. And they didn’t have a headlamp either. Jack told Sammy to be brave because there was a full moon. He knew there was a full moon because they could hear coyotes howling all evening long. After dinner they went to sleep in their tent. Soon, they heard a ‘click’, ‘click’. Jack unzipped the tent door and nobody was there. Jack told Sammy “there’s a ghost out there!”. The both went outside. Sammy felt something pull on her long hair. She screamed! Jack turned around and no body could possibly be around her. Jack walked back into the forest and he couldn’t see anything. Jack screamed “Sammy, are you there?”. There was no answer, only a long “aaaaahhhhh”. Jack ran back into the tent and Sammy was sinking into the ground. Twenty years later, more campers with kids came and Jack and Sammy were never seen again. The ghost still haunts Columbine Lake. The EndFirst Place First Grade winner: Cori Bogert”Scary Party”One Halloween night there were a lot of monsters and they were having a party. There were vampires, skeletons, werewolves and zombies. They were all drinking blood and having fun. They decided to move the party to a haunted house. There were ghosts there and scary pumpkins were outside. They all gathered around and saw a girl coming up to the haunted house, she thought it was a carnival. One of the vampires jumped out and bit her. Her parents were waiting outside for her, they were very worried. The little girl became a vampire and then she became friends with the monsters. The little girl came up with the idea to make everyone in the world a monster. They decided to start with her parents, then the village around them, then the world, and then the universe. So they were all going to be happy in their new world of monsters. The EndFirst Place Second Grade: Corbin Solomon”The Ghost of Argo”One hundred and twenty years ago there was a little girl named Molly. She was seven years old. One stormy day she went to tour Argo Gold Mine in Idaho Springs to tour the old tunnels. When she got to the middle of the tunnel the dim lights started to flicker and the wind really started to blow. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw some big yellow dots that seemed to be staring back at her. The eyes got closer and closer until she saw a giant zombie. Molly screamed as loud as she could. The zombie immediately jumped right on her back and bit her neck like a vampire would. Molly fell to the ground and didn’t get up. The tour guide turned around and ran out of the tunnels screaming. Some say that on stormy nights they see Molly’s ghost floating around in the mine. Others say they can hear screaming and shouting. I am not going to go to Argo Gold Mine because maybe I’ll turn into a screaming ghost myself, I hope you don’t either! The EndSecond Place Second Grade: Ewan Gallagher”The Bad Castle”A rocky castle stood on a steep mountain sixty-hundred years ago. If anyone touched the castle, they would die. Perhaps the castle would fall on them, or the vampire guards would stab them. I, Ewan Gallagher, one of the vampire guards, am here to tell what happens because no one has ever survived to tell the story.To reach the castle it is necessary to cross the bridge over the lava moat. If you can jump really far, you won’t need to use the bridge. This is important because the bridge has holes that crocodiles sneak out of. Perhaps you make it past the bridge. Then, you must deal with me and the vampire guards. We walk around the outside of the castle waiting to stab you with our sharp knives made from our vampire teeth. You might make it past us, but the slightest touch of the castle wall will instantly kill you. Inside the castle is a Frankenstein monster. He can’t wait to have you for dinner! His favorite dinner is people brain with a side of lions. Think you’ve made it past all the dangers? No, there is one more danger. Zombies. These zombies are waiting to chase you with their guns and knives to kill you.So with all these dangers, it is better if you just stay at your own home. But there is one more place where all these dangers could happen…at a graveyard near your own home. Third Place Second Grade: Lillianna Rust(Untitled)Once upon a time, there was a witch named Grizelda. each night she would chop off a child’s head and eat there heads. but there was a fairy that would give them new heads. but once the fairy couldn’t give a persen a head . She was out of power because the witch that ate heads took away her powers. So they went to another fairy then they asked every person in the kingdom for help. But once they did come along to another fairy but she did not have heads either. Soon they went out of the kingdom to see another fairy who did have heads, but she said it was too far away. And on the way back, they found a fairy that could put on new heads and wanted to come, so they went back and found a navy of rats. But the fairies had wings, and they flew and ran into a hawk, but they were faster than the hawk. Finally, they made it back to the castle, but they were almost out of time. If the fairy couldn’t get the head on in time, all of the other children would lose their heads again. But the fairy did get the head on in time, and all the people rejoiced. The person woke up and they had a party. The first fairy got heads again and switched the witch around so she was then a nice witch. And they had a party and no one ever lost their head again.First Place Third Grade: Ellie Gagnon”The Creepy Island” One day when Jake was reading, he noticed an interesting looking book on his shelf. He stopped reading and looked at the title: “About the Creepy Island”. He picked it up and read aloud. “The creepy island is one of the most dangerous islands. If you go there, you will turn into a Goosebug ghost.” All of a sudden, Jake decided he didn’t want to go there. “Phew – that was a close one”, Jake said. But when he looked down, the floor was far away. He was on the….ceiling!!! He tried to get down, but he spun around and flew out of his house. Jake landed on a pile of leaves. He was on the Creepy Island!!Jake’s mom heard the crash and ran to his room “Where are you junior bug?”, Mom asked. “You are supposed to be reading, not….” she paused. She looked up and saw the clouds and the sun through the big hole in the ceiling. She was MAD – madder than a bear! “Junior bug pants is going to be in big, big….TROUBLE.” Her voice echoed through the room.Back on the Creepy Island, Jake was walking with ugly leaves cracking under his feet. He opened the island book and found an animal that had bug eyes, saber tooth fangs, eagle legs on the front and bull legs on the back. It was called the Diedodon. Jack read aloud: “The Diedodon is a meat-eater that has Sabertooth fangs and snake venom comes out of its teeth.””The Creepy Island continued….”Jake heard a creak in the trees. He shivered. Then, he heard a snake growl. He grabbed the book and read aloud: “Diedodons growl like snakes if they feel threatened. He put the book down and suddenly he was face to face with a……..DIEDODON!!!The Diedodon looked at Jake and opened it’s mouth. Jake screamed. Then, he heard his mother’s voice coming from the Diedodon’s mouth. “Junior bug, what in the world are you screaming about?”. Jake looked around. He was back in his room. The hole in the ceiling was gone. “I must have had a bad dream”, he said. “Well, come on, I made you some lunch”, his mother said as she walked out of his room. Jake stood up to follow her. He heard a crunch. He looked down and saw a pile of leaves under his feet. To be continued….First Place Fourth Grade: Kylee Brammer”The Snake”Legend says that on Halloween night as all of the kids were out getting candy a snake came and ruined it. It was black with red stripes and sharp fangs. It was as thick as an elephants trunk. The worst part is that it was poisonous. Then the snake scared the kids and took their candy. The kids screamed and ran away. The snake did an evil laugh and ate the candy. The snake got sick and threw up crunched lollipops. The kids found safety away from the snake with their parents. The snakes mother punished him and he learned his lesson to not scare kids and eat too much candy. Never to be seen again. Second Place Fourth Grade: Mary Kate Mintken”Three Claws”A campground in Teton National Park sits in a green forest. Elk, deer, and bunnies are running around in a BEAUTIFUL place! In Teton National Park, there are many families camping there including a family from Tabernash, Colorado. The family is on vacation and camping in a very remote campground. The father, Jerry, is tall with brown hair and blue eyes. He is a very hard, working man, whose hands are strong. The mother, Ilene, is also tall with sparkly blue eyes and long blonde hair. Ella is nine and has blond hair and green eyes. She is very energetic and has a brother named Josh who is thirteen and has brown eyes and orange hair. Their family loves the outdoors.The family has been canoeing, swimming, and biking. They also went to a lake with a rock to jump off, called Jump Rock. While they were there a park ranger told Josh that there had been a terrible grizzly bear roaming the campground, he was called “Three Claws.” The ranger told them the legend of “Three Claws.” Many, many years ago there had been a family who were camping in Teton National Park who went hiking to jump rock and they saw a HUGE grizzly bear. The bear started to charge the family. The family made a bad decision and started to run so the bear chased after them and scratched the dad so many times that the bear lost one claw. So that’s why they call the grizzly bear “Three Claws.”The family didn’t believe that because they were from Tabernash and they ALWAYS had bears at their house! After jump rock they went back to their campground. That night they heard something in the bushes but they thought it was just a bunny. The next morning Ella saw some tracks and she asked her dad Jerry what kind of animal tracks they were, her dad said they were grizzly bear tracks and he noticed there were only three claws.So the next night they all slept on the same bed. Jerry kept a knife by his bed just in case. At one in the morning, they heard something in the willows. They knew that their dad had to go out there and fight “Three Claws.” He got up and started running without his knife.His family was soon running right behind him, and didn’t bring their knife either. When they caught up with him they saw him wrestling a seventy-year-old man. He had a fake bear hand with only three claws. Jerry tied him up with rope and asked him what his name was. He told them “Arnold Kewe.” Instead of calling the park rangers, they took him back to their campground & invited him to dinner that was steak and potatoes. The family asked Arnold why he had tried to scare them. He said he had been scaring people away from the campground for the last forty years and he wanted to scare people away because he didn’t like visitors, because he had been living alone there for 50 years.The family decided to stay one more night in Yellowstone. They spent the day with Arnold who showed them around. They ate dinner with him again. Arnold Kewe felt bad for all the people he had scared away for all of those years. From then on out he never scared people away again. Third Place Fourth Grade: Jackson Harvey”Trevor’s Dreams”It all started when I was just getting out of bed to find it pitch black outside. I wasn’t completely surprised because it was usually like this every, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So after I shut off my alarm I usually go back to sleep for a few more minutes. I just happened to look at my clock and I couldn’t help noticing that it said twelve thirty a.m.! I was scared at first, but then I realized the power must have gone out. But, then again, the numbers would have been flashing on and off. Then, I got up out of bed and went upstairs to find it flooded with a blood red light coming from the entire sky! Just then, I turned around to find a woman with buttons in her eyes! She looked just like the one in the Caroline movie.She then flew toards me and was reaching for me! I tried to run, but found my feet glued to the floor, there was nothing I could do, so I hollered at the top of my lungs, just waiting for my death! Then there was a blinding flash of light and it was all over!***My name is Trevor, by the way. If you thought that dream was scary, just wait till you hear this: One night, I had just gotten into bed and I had gone to sleep. But a few minutes later I woke up to hear a very peculiar noise. I went over to my dresser and got dressed, even though it was still the middle of the night. I then followed the noise all the way into my garage! I then found the noise very loud, earsplitting by the way. I went up the ladder to my garage attic, I tried to go up, but noticed the rungs were moving so I couldn’t go up. I ran back down and saw a floating shovel digging a burial sized hole in my driveway! I remembered and turned around to see the woman flying towards me like my dream! I turned and ran towards a hill on the side of the driveway, but a man (zombie) wearing a hokey mask was blocking my path and he had a chainsaw! I made a split decision and ran for the coffin that rose out of the hole and ran inside it! It closed on me. I heard a lot of loud banging on the door but still, I was brave! I closed my eyes, another blinding flash of light and I found myself lying in bed wide awake.I went upstairs and was climbing up the stairs to my parents room, but noticed I wasn’t going anywhere! I was relieved that the coffin was a dream, but this, this was scary! And this time, I don’t think it was a dream…First Place Fifth Grade: Viane Puga”The Little Old House””Errrrrrrrrrqqqq” squeaks the rewind button. “Gosh, I can’t get enough of this movie!” exclaimed Reliah. She was watching the same movie over, and over again. “Isn’t one time enough?” questioned Reliah’s older brother, Scott. “I don’t know, maybe because it’s entertaining?” blabbed Reliah. They were very bored. Too bad their mother and father weren’t there to take them to the lake and watch the fireworks. Instead they were out eating dinner, and probably having a very good time. “Scott, I am so bored! Why don’t we check out that little old house outside, I haven’t really seen it yet?” anticipated Reliah. “Reliah, you know we can’t go out there this late,” reasoned Scott.”The Little Old House, continued…….” “Why, are you afraid?” “No!” “Then prove it! Go out there with me and let us take a look inside.” “Fine,” agreed Scott. He tried to keep his feelings inside, he was so scared, but why wouldn’t he be? Nobody wants to take a visit to an old abandoned house. He had only seen the house once while he was playing catch with one of his friends. At that time the house, to him, looked like a shed, because it was so little. Barbed wired surrounded the entrance. As they approached the little house Scott asked himself, “What’s so scary about a tiny house?” His question was soon answered by the time they reached the house. This house was definitely not modern. On the outside there was rotting wood, nails coming out of the wood and broken glass on the floor. The broken window had shards of glass sticking out with a wooden screen covering it. Because the door was taken off, it was easy for them to get inside. Scott thought he saw something moving out of the corner of his eye, but reassured himself that they were the only ones inside. Blankets were scattered all over the floor. Scott spied a miniature axe and picked it up. He walked into the kitchen leaving his sister in what looked like the living room. Scott glanced at the table and written in dark red ink was a sign that said, “GET OUT”. He heard a very loud shriek and ran to the living room. A dull man with a blank look on his face was standing across the room holding a cleaver in his hand. Scott’s heart pounded very fast. The man slowly walked towards them with the cleaver ready to swing at them. Scott grabbed Reliah’s hand and ran towards the door. Now the man began to run and stopped them at their nearest exit. Scott swung his axe in all directions trying vigorously to hit the man. The man took a swing at Scott’s arm and sliced him. Reliah grabbed the axe and threw it into the man’s chest, grabbed Scott’s arm and tried to drag him out the door. The man stopped her and threw her out the ridged window, took Scott, swung him out the door, and yelled at them to never come back. Now Reliah’s pain began to grow and grow. Shards of glass stuck in her arm, as she and Scott crawled home. Scott dialed 911 and soon ambulances came and took them to the hospital, where they explained the whole story.Second Place Fifth Grade: Angel Castillo”The Wishing Well”Long ago a boy named Victor saw a shooting star. He saw it coming and coming. The star was a rock that fell from the sky into a middle of a feaild. There was a full moon but the criders and owls were louder in other nights all animals cride like if they had to lament. Victor was sad because he felt nobody liked him. He walked and walked cring and has he approched ware the rock, he made a wish “I wish that this becomes a wishing well and I become part of it and that evry one makes up a wish turns sad and cries and never be happy agien” and just as he wished he aproched the hole and fell into it. Victor’s parents looked for him but never found his and they cried and cried each night with the same lament thay wanted there son back. Tharfor one day found the hole they made it into a wishing well. The years past and a school was built around the well. Till this day, people don’t now why they feel sad. Roomers go and they hear a voice whispering “wish me out wish me well” People hear this wining sound “let me out wish me well please wish me out” (shouting)!!!Suddenly!!! A good soul wanted to make a wish for any body’s wish to come true. This was Victor’s angel. She was to be a sad person who didn’t wanted to be sad any more. Who Victor soul turn the school into a wishing well ware you and I want them to wish us well. Third Place Fifth Grade 5: Lela Myers”The Werewolf”I got an eerie feeling on Halloween when I found that dagger. It was a cold day. The air was filled with the smell of the pumpkin pie my mom was cooking. My friends Kayla, Kalli, and I had been setting up for a Halloween party when there was an ear splitting scream. Kayla and I came running down the hall, but when we turned the corner there was nothing there except a dagger. I knew we had to do something but there wasn’t anything to go on except the dagger, but when I pulled on it I couldn’t get it out of the wall.Suddenly a door opened in the wall. It led to a dark tunnel so we grabbed a flashlight, and my silver fountain pen my mom gave me for Christmas. Then we headed into the tunnel, as soon as we entered the door closed and I switched on my flashlight. As we rounded a corner which turned out to be a dead end, my flashlight flickered and we were plunged into total darkness. I took a step closer to Kayla but she wasn’t there. Being alone made the darkness even more ominous. I could barely see the wall in front of me, but I could see the wall. That meant there was a source of light. I looked up and saw a circle of light. I went over to the wall and I felt the rung of a ladder. I climbed up and pushed the circular object out of the way. I found myself in a clearing facing Kalli and Kayla. They were tied up with thick ropes hanging from a tree. “Lela turn around.” Kalli said petrified. I turned then froze. I stood face to face with a black wolf. Only it wasn’t a wolf, it started growing and its claws grew three times their original length. It stood on its hind legs. Then it hit me, I wasn’t face to face with a wolf. The sun had set and I was face to face with a werewolf.”Click your pen” Kayla yelled. I clicked it and I held a sword. The werewolf lunged and I ran towards my friends. I cut there ropes and they fell to the ground. Then the werewolf was practically on me. I stabbed and the werewolf started glowing. It got brighter and brighter until the three of us turned away. Then the light went out and when we turned around nothing was there. The three of us entered the passage. Kalli had a flashlight and we headed home.The passage door opened easily. When we went to the kitchen and my mom greeted us with a happy face. The doorbell rang and I went to answer it but nobody was there… The End

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