Grand County locals don’t want second-home owners bringing city ways here |

Grand County locals don’t want second-home owners bringing city ways here

To the Editor:

In your article on second-home owners, Jude Servoss said she didn’t feel she was welcomed with open arms when she built here ” you quoted her as saying, “I think it’s a resentment kind of thing. They have two homes and I don’t.”

I don’t think she gave this comment enough thought. We’re not that small minded ” I don’t know anyone who feels this way. As long as you have a sense of humor and can add something interesting to the party, most everyone I know will welcome you.

If anything, locals are leery of the city ways you bring. We like living here because it’s a rural area. It is dark at night. Ms. Servoss mentions light pollution ” however, I don’t think she and other second-home owners realize what a huge issue this is.

I have two neighbors who come up two weekends a month at most. They leave every one of their outside lights on every night, whether they’re here or not ” and just in case that’s not enough light they add year-round Christmas lights to the mix.

Another neighbor who is rarely here leaves the interior lights on all night ” every night ” many windows and no blinds; just lighting up the night sky.

Then there’s the neighbor who randomly leaves exterior lights on ” you never know which light but it’s probably going to be on for a month. Is our driveway going to be lit up this month, or will it be our side yard?

And what about the motion detector lights that are activated by any movement on the road? I can see having them focused on your garage, but the road? I love walking my dogs at night, except for the places where I get blasted by light and feel like a prison escapee. I’m sure the wild animals love it, too.

Why move to the country and make it look like the city? Do you think you’re going to prevent a burglary? If there did happen to be anyone interested in robbing your house, you’re giving them the light they need to do it ” there’s no one else around to notice.

Sorry for ranting … I’m stepping down from my soapbox … please turn off the lights.

Patty Alander

Grand Lake

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