Grand County marijuana sales top $400K in April |

Grand County marijuana sales top $400K in April

Grand County recorded $422,678 in recreational marijuana sales in April, a figure that greatly surpasses the same month last year but remains almost $300,000 behind the best month of this year.

Monthly marijuana sales are reported by the Colorado Department of Revenue, and April is the most recent month for which the figures are available.

They show that Grand County’s recreational pot sales were almost $300,000 behind March, which saw over $716,000 in recreational pot sold, the county’s best month for pot sales so far this year.

Even though Grand County’s recreational marijuana sales were off high-water mark from March, they remained almost $80,000 above April 2018, which only brought $343,222 worth of recreational pot sales. The county’s medical marijuana sales were not reported.

Overall, the state saw more than $135 million worth of recreational and medical marijuana sales in April, putting Colorado at over a half-billion dollars worth of marijuana sales through the first four months of 2019.

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