Grand County music scene lost a champion in Cyndi McCoy |

Grand County music scene lost a champion in Cyndi McCoy

To the Editor:

As a musician, promoter, and lover of music, I believe that no one has done more for the local music scene than Cyndi McCoy. I am deeply saddened that we are losing her voice, her passion, her photographs, and her finger on the pulse of Grand County’s heartbeat: music.

Losing her columns and features in our local newspaper will prove to be a great disservice to all of our local bands, performers, open mics and live music venues. She always kept us with packed houses and community connections. She never hesitated to feature an event that highlighted fundraisers and issues that joined musicians and friends in times of sadness and celebration.

With Cyndi as our ally and friend, we always know that our music will be heard and our venues will be filled with laughter, dancing, and good times. I think I speak for many when I say that Sky-Hi Daily News has lost a truly irreplaceable asset to our community, and that I am deeply disappointed in the decision to discontinue Cyndi’s essential role in our local music scene.

Teresa Hill


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