Grand County needs big-time recycling program |

Grand County needs big-time recycling program

To the Editor:

I was reading the article this morning about the towns likely not wanting to pay to have the recycling program. As someone that belongs to the community, I say we add the costs to the trash bill and do like Denver and other large areas do and have the companies leave out recycle bins for us to use more readily than has been done in the past ” even possibly having recycle bins for individual residences.

And a few weeks ago with the part-time or seldom-here residents, there was mention that they don’t want to pay for regular pick up when they are here so little. The Trash Company has a program where you keep one of their containers and call them only when you want it picked up. That way you only pay when you use the service and it’s very affordable ” especially for those who are only here sometimes.

Just a bit of useful information to pass along.

Sarah Petefish

Hot Sulphur Springs