Grand County nets $16,000 for pot licenses |

Grand County nets $16,000 for pot licenses

Sky-Hi News Staff

Since setting the regulatory framework for both medical and retail marijuana businesses, Grand County has collected $16,000 in licensing fees, the county clerk has said.

The county has nine applications in the pipeline, said Sara Rosene, county clerk and recorder. The applications are for a mix of medical and recreational marijuana licenses, though Rosene said the county has yet to issue a license.

Grand County charges a $500 application fee for all marijuana licenses except those for retail marijuana testing facilities.

The state charges an additional $5,000 fee, of which Grand County gets half.

Though the state may issue a provisional license 45 days after the license application, the license is invalid until Grand County commissioners approve the county license.

The only marijuana facility within Grand County is located in Fraser, and is therefore subject to the town’s regulations and licensing.

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