Grand County Nightlife: Out and About with Cyndi McCoy |

Grand County Nightlife: Out and About with Cyndi McCoy

As usual on a weekend evening, I can be seen out hopping from place to place to try to soak in as much entertainment as I can between various happy hours and last calls. On the move, I usually step aside from the traditional party activities at most pubs (and am constantly appreciative for Valley Taxi for those who are able to let their hair down). I’m there to support the musicians, get my groove on, take a photo, and move on.

Friday night I had the chance to catch the last half of Chris “Willy” Williamson playing at the Creek. Rising from recent challenges, Williamson has several new compelling tunes he’s been perfecting and the crowd listened intently as he poured his heart out. After working out some amp issues, Andy Moore (he’s looking for a new amp, by the way) helped lift up some of the deep sensitivity of Williamson’s new work.

Art is a funny thing, I said to Mike Michaelis who sat next to me for a spell (he’s in Jed Henry’s new band The Bailouts!). What many might not understand is how much sorrow goes into not just music, but much of what surfaces in the art world. Later on Saturday after skiing (another bluebird day), I dropped by to say hi to musician Kristin “Dakota” Wisnowski at Shipwreck Landing (they’re getting ready for a management metamorphosis, stay tuned). I wasn’t surprised to hear her say if it wasn’t for some bad times along the way, she might not have many songs to write about.

In between the sets at the Creek there was a guest artist that was a nice bonus, a friend up visiting Adam Lynam (Dominic Grosso). Maybe next time the guitarist is up we can see he and Lynam play together some more. Lately I’ve been all about some of the up and coming artists in the county. This past year we got to see the This Side of Berthoud compilation, and both Hunker Down and Oly put out new CDs. Perhaps their ascension in the music world has inspired some of the other local musicians to reach for their stars. I mentioned The Bailouts earlier, and they are definitely one of them. Andy Moore is another, and I was happy to report how much I’ve seen him grow as an artist since this winter. Keep an eye out for both, as well as several other bands starting to play more: Juicebox, Stoney Credenza, and Bad Water. Also, watch out for new developments as One Time members move in various directions. Hope to see you too, out and about.

” Cyndi McCoy

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