Grand County officials await Passenger Tramway Safety Board report on chairlift accident |

Grand County officials await Passenger Tramway Safety Board report on chairlift accident

Lance Maggart
The Quickdraw Express chairlift stood motionless at Ski Granby Ranch Saturday Jan. 7. State officials have yet to release a report on the accidental death of Kelly Huber, who fell from the Quickdraw on Dec. 29, 2016.
Lance Maggart / Sky-Hi News

Officials in Grand County had no new updates, Saturday Jan. 7, on the investigation into a fatal chairlift accident that occurred at Ski Granby Ranch on Thursday Dec. 29.

Schelly Olson, serving as Public Information Officer for the Granby Police Department on the investigation, stated she had no additional details for release late Saturday afternoon. Local officials are awaiting updates on a report from the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board (CPTSB) on the accident before making additional comment.

On Thursday Jan. 5 the CPTSB released a statement through the Granby PD explaining the Board held, “an emergency meeting” on Wednesday Jan. 4 at 2 p.m. to, “consider investigation information regarding the Quick Draw chairlift incident”.

“Upon consideration of all available information, the Board decided to table the matter pending additional information. They will continue to investigate the incident,” the statement reads. Representatives from the CPTSB have not provided a timeline of how long the investigation will take or what specific investigative practices it will entail.

The Quickdraw Express chairlift was standing silent Saturday afternoon at the downhill ski resort on the southeast corner of Granby, in accordance with comments made by State officials. Lee Rasizer, spokesman for the CPTSB on this investigation, said last week, “The lift will not resume operation and will remain closed until deemed safe for the public.”

All three other chairlifts at Ski Granby Ranch were operating Saturday afternoon.

Attention on Grand County’s smaller ski resort has been intense for the past week after the tragic death of Kelly Huber of San Antonio following her fall from the Quickdraw Express on Dec. 29. The exact details of what caused Huber and her two daughters, ages 9 and 12, to fall from the Quickdraw Express have not been released. The Granby PD is investigating the incident along with the CPTSB.

The fall resulted in Huber’s death and injuries for her two girls, whose names have not been released. The two girls were also riding on the Quickdraw with Huber at the time of the fall. The oldest daughter, age 12, was treated in the emergency department of Middle Park Medical Center – Granby and later released to family members. The nine-year-old was transported to Children’s Hospital in Aurora via helicopter.

Children’s Hospital provided no updates on the condition of the youngest Huber girl after she was transported to the Front Range facility, citing requests from the family for privacy.

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