Grand County officials consider Hot Sulphur, Kremmling transfer station sites |

Grand County officials consider Hot Sulphur, Kremmling transfer station sites

Tonya Bina
Grand County, Colorado

A decision about the location of the county trash transfer station is slated to be made in May, Grand County officials explained during the commissioners meeting on Tuesday.

With the disputed Hot Sulphur Springs transfer station proposal still under consideration, Grand County has been eyeing its landfill site north of Kremmling ever since the Town of Kremmling submitted a letter inviting a transfer station. Kremmling officials cited the potential for bringing more jobs to town with the help of a nearby trash facility.

The Kremmling Landfill sits on 35.4-acres of former BLM patented land and has 16.5 acres of unused space. The land is zoned forestry and open, meaning county codes require a public review of the proposal before the county can gain a special permit for its transfer station.

The zone differs from that of the Hot Sulphur Springs land the county purchased for $180,000 in the last week of December.

That land is zoned business, and according to the county, does not require public review before a transfer station is placed there.

On Tuesday, County Attorney Jack Dicola reminded commissioners about the “rules” regarding its ability to judge its own proposal to put a trash station in Kremmling.

Commissioners will not be able to hear testimony on their proposal outside of an official quasi-judicial public hearing, which has been set for May 5 in the commissioners boardroom ” what could be a newly renovated boardroom on the top level.

At that time, the county planning commission will have already reviewed the proposal and will have forwarded a recommendation to county commissioners.

The May meeting should determine which location commissioners will choose for the county’s trash holding facility where countywide trash will be held temporarily before it is transported to a landfill outside of the county.

In the meantime, county officials have scheduled a March 31 meeting at the extension hall in Kremmling to which the public can attend and learn more about the county’s plans.

According to County Manager Lurline Underbrink Curran, county commissioners will ultimately compare the costs associated with developing each site.

The Hot Sulphur Springs site, she said, will be analyzed to a special-use permit standard ” with regard to drainage, pollution, noise and traffic concerns.

The County plans to compare hauling costs to see if either site could have a greater impact on trash consumers. According to Underbrink Curran, county staff is seeking hauling cost estimates from Waste Management, the contracted company that will operate the transfer station.

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