Grand County police blotter, Feb. 8-12: Putting head through a wall |

Grand County police blotter, Feb. 8-12: Putting head through a wall

FRI., FEB. 8

6: 15 p.m. A van hit and killed a moose on Highway 40 in front of Grand Park.

9: 55 p.m. An SUV struck a Snow Cat while it was grooming trails in Grand Lake, the driver then took off on foot. The suspect was unable to be located by authorities.

SAT., FEB. 9

7:18 a.m. Animal tracks with a blood trail were found in front of a home inside Granby Jones Trailer Park.

SUN., FEB. 10

2:37 p.m. A snowmobile was on fire in the middle of Lake Granby. No injuries were reported.

MON., FEB. 11

9:28 p.m. An intoxicated male reportedly put his head through a wall in Kremmling.

10: 21 p.m. A Waste Management truck was losing trash on Highway 40 near Granby.

TUES., FEB. 12

11:47 a.m. A Safeway truck was unable to get out of the roadway due to conditions at Highway 40 and County Road 54 in Granby. The truck caused a traffic backup on the highway. Colorado State Patrol was notified.

11:10 p.m. A vehicle was parking shining headlights into forest in Kremmling for about an hour. Six shots were fired. Vehicle had left the area.

The Sky-Hi News police blotter offers a glimpse of police activity taken from the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, Kremmling Police, Granby Police and Fraser-Winter Park Police logs. It is not a comprehensive report of all police activity. Calls such as domestic violence, DUIs, sexual assaults and juvenile situations typically do not appear.

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