Grand County Real Estate Transactions |

Grand County Real Estate Transactions

East Mountain Filing 1, Lot 29 – Gary Mandelbaum to Debbie Mandelbaum, $500

Pole Creek Valley Subdivision Lot 58 – Mary Duncan to Winter Glen Development LLC, $449,500

Fraser Crossing-Founders Pointe Condominium Unit 4462 – IW/WP Four-Five Development Company LLC to Dale and Sarah Feichtinger, $339,900

Legacy Park Ranch Lot 64 – Bruce Peterson to Rina and Kerry Blixt, $100,000

Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 25, Unit 1 – Barbara Brooks to Dustin and Daniel Rodarmel, $191,000

Telemark Condominiums Unit 658 – Telemark WP LLC to Randi and Terry Anderson, $615,000

Nedele Townhomes Subdivision Unit 710 – Zdenek Nedele to Milan Tresnak, Karel Tresnak Jr, Karel Tresnak Sr and Marcela Tresnakova, $300,000

Soda Springs 1st Condo Unit E 2 – Tod and Joan Marner to Joan Case, $190,500

Winter Glen Final Plat Lot 17 – Winter Glen Development LLC to Mary Duncan, $699,000

Grand View Park AFP Lot 5 – JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Derek and Tinna Hidell, Rita Snock, $399,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 012 Timeshare 012114 – Howard and Jeanette Rucker to Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Owners Association, $500

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 071 Timeshare #071102 – Georgeanna Perdue to Randy Rogers, $500

Blue Valley Acres Unit #2, Lot 6, Block 9 – Brook Richardson to Nichole Garvin, $298,000

Pine Air Subdivision, Block 66, Lots 105,106 – Inclusive Solution LLC to Walter Jenkins, $500

Pines at Meadow Ridge Court C U 11 Week 36 – Daniel and Tammy Holman to Gary and Patricia Peterson, $900

Sun Ranch Solar II Condo U C TRT C – Cynthia Bradley to Jennifer Zieff, $225,000

West Hillside Acres Lot 3 – James Zimmerman and Linda Israel to George and Vada Marsh, $210,000

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