Grand County Real Estate Transactions |

Grand County Real Estate Transactions

Granby Block 1, Lots 14,15,16 Partial Legal See Document Michael Childress to Grand County Board Realtors Inc, $175,000 Aspen Meadows Condomiums Unit 206, Bldg A Karl and Michelle Hill to Hill Realty Enterprises LLC, $240,900 Ice Box Estates Lot 36 Don Tenorio to Karl and Christina Smith, $250,000 Aspen Meadows Condominiums Unit 104, Bldg B Karl and Michelle Hill to Hill Realty Enterprises LLC, $269,900 SEC 7 TWP 1N R 77W Partial Legal See Document, SEC 18 TWP 1N R 77W Partial Legal See Document Eight Mile LLC to Monte Linke, $900,000 Inn at SilverCreek PH II Condo U 464 Donald Denton to Ryan and Victoria Obermeier, $38,000 East Mountain Filing 1, Lot 51 Partial Legal See Document Briali LLC to Charles and Jean Townsend, $350,000 Zephyr Mountain Lodge Condo Bldg 1 & 2, Unit 2221 John Pitek and Paul Lit to Saffell Ayre LLC, $400,000 Leland Creek Sub Lot 4 Saffell Ayre LLC to Paul Lit and Shirl Schaffer, $879,000 Millers Inn Condominiums As Built U 2, Bldg Juniper, Garage Unit 5 Faye Hutchins to Thomas Harris and Julianna Zieff, $115,940.53 SEC 19 TWP 1N R 76W Partial Legal See Document Karen Morrow to Linke Cattle Ranch LLC, $180,000 Idlewild Meadows Subdivision Lot 26 LeRoy and Ardis Sparks to Steven and Kimberly Peabody, $75,000 Aspen Meadows Condominiums Unit 102, Bldg C, Garage Unit 4 Aspen Meadows Condominiums LLC to Anton and Grace Roettenbacher, $271,000 Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub (1) Lot 18, Block 14 Phillip and Rebecca Ray to Bernard and Barbara Mettler, $465,000 Ladora Condo Unit 3 John and Cynthia Anderson to Thomas and Eileen Meyer, $232,000 Lake Trail Village Lot 2 Mark Wilson to Lake Trail Village Ltd, $175,395 Granby Ranch Filing 5, First Administrative Plat Lot 30 Village Homes Colorado Inc to Michael and Rose Marie Monahan, $370,000 Pines at Meadow Ridge Court D, Unit 4411, Week 50 Michael Clark and Pamela Henderson to Amber Wallace, $3,500 Grand Country Village Lots 15,16 – Donald N Drake Revocable Trust, Betty L Drake Revocable Trust to Brinkmann Holdings Corporation, $120,000Granby Ranch Filing 10, Lot 28 Granby Realty Holdings LLC to Todd and Angela Baker, $183,350

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