Grand County Real Estate Transactions |

Grand County Real Estate Transactions

Granby Ranch Filing 10, Lot 54 Granby Realty Holdings LLC to Curt and Holly Foust, $234,000 Grand Lake Estates 1st Filing Lot 10, Block 2 Patrick and Lisa Walsh, Timothy and Lisa Wade, John and Laura Scott to David and Donna Majcen, $152,000 Kremmling Block 6, Lots 1,3 William Janson to Jimmy Groff, $300,000 Columbine Lake Lot 15, Block 10 David and Kathie Skinner to Jon and Marthe Hajim, $380,000 SEC 22 TWP 3N R 76W Partial Legal See Document Steven Marquez to Jeff and Tami Stellinga, $155,000 SEC 11 TWP 1S R 76W Partial Legal See Document Norman Larkins to EE Farms LLC, $2,400,000 Granby Ranch Filing 1B, Lot 1 Village Homes Colorado Inc to June and Cheryl Charles, Thomas and Rebecca Coakley, $520,000 Grand View Park AFP Lot 13 Brad and Joanna Meyeraan to Terrell and Barbara Mathews, Norman Nabhan, $302,500 Granby Business Center & Condominium Map Lot 2, U 100, Lot 2 Patricia Jacques to Decicco Enterprises LLC, $150,000 Kicking Horse Lodges U 8 102, Bldg 8, SaddleHR Chance and Kimberly Kriesel to Aaron and Cher Fox, $178,500 Winter Park Lodge II, Bldg D, Unit 104 James and Martha Rhoades to William and Kathleen Currat, $205,000 Sawmill Station Townhomes Lot 13C Cynthia Fowler to Michael Lombardo, $475,000 FIC Addition to Kremmling Parcel B Jeffrey Streit to Alexis Eastin and Kyle Sparks, $224,900 Lakota Park Minor Subdivision Lot 106 Reserve Lakota LLC to Premier Group Properties LLC, $550,000 Pole Creek Valley Subdivision Lot 58 Winter Glen Development LLC to Paul Hamann and Mary St Denis-Hamann, $355,000 Silversage Subdivision Lot 3, Block 1 Sally Conger to Nancy Roark, $332,000 Old Park Filing #3, Lot 16, Block A Jeffrey and Sally Bendorf to Kathleen Thompson-Casado and Carlos Fernandez Casado, $43,500 Riverwalk on the Creek Condominiums Unit 155 Riverwalk Associates LLC to Juan and Laura Montoya, Donald and Deborah Frei, $674,900 Lake Kove Subdivision Building Zone 10 Jim and Pam Birdwell to Vermilion Isle Properties LLC, $1,240,000 SEC 21 TWP 1N R 75W Partial Legal See Document Paul and Zehra Mooney to Debra Erickson and Brenda Waterhouse, $69,000 Sundance West Condo Unit A 1 Nancy Roark to Moira Hagen and Christopher Kamper, $315,000 Trademark Condominiums Unit 2, Bldg 9 BTMI Investments LLC to Shelley Tamminga, $933,700 Trademark Condominiums Unit 4, Bldg 1 Shelley Tamminga to BTMI Investments LLC, $502,860 Granby Ranch Filing 8, Lot 34 Eisenhower Cabins LLC to Kory and Kelly Atkinson, $530,550 Village at Buckhorn Grand Elk Ranch & Club Unit 1, Block 6 Buckhorn LLC to Jason and Kristin Brower, $204,000

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